What Documents Do I Need To Lease A Car?

Depending on whether you decide to lease a car for personal or business purposes, you will need different documents before you get behind the wheel of your new car. Both forms of leasing are subject to a credit check, meaning photo ID, proof of address and bank details are required.

Read on to find out everything you need to access a leased car.

Personal lease

what documents do I need to lease a car
  • Some personal details (marital status, number of dependants etc.)
  • Address details for the past five years
  • Employment details for the past three years
  • Bank details for the account you wish to set the direct debit up with
  • Monthly income and expenditure (may need more information/documents if you aren’t in full-time employment)
  • Photo proof of ID (driving licence or passport)
  • Proof of address documents (utility bills, bank statements etc.)

Business lease

  • Company details (company name, address, registration number and annual turnover)
  • Director details of all directors (name, date of birth and marital status)
  • Business bank details (bank name, account number and sort code)
  • Depending on business circumstances you could be asked for the following
  • Three months’ business bank statements
  • Management account and director’s guarantee
  • The business taking out the finance will be required to provide proof of ID

Remember: None of the details above are used for anything other than allowing the finance provider to check that you can make the monthly payments for the vehicle.

Can I send photocopied documents?

what documents do I need for a lease car

This will depend on the finance provider behind your chosen deal. Once the details above have been approved, you will be able to find out from them if they accept scanned photocopies of your photo ID or documents proving your address.

Most providers will require the original and a photocopy, the latter of which they will keep as a reference.

After hearing back from the provider about the accepted format, you will most likely be given a timeline in which to send the documents across. This can be as quick a turnaround as 24 hours, but again be sure to check this with them.

Remember: Before sending over the documents, ensure that they are in date and that any driving licence is full, as a provisional won’t be accepted.

Other acceptable documents

Depending on the finance provider, you may be able to use the following documents as proof of your address:

  • Council tax bill or demand letter
  • Local council rent card or tenancy agreement
  • Notification of entitlement to tax credit
  • Notification of entitlement to state or local authority benefit

Remember: Any proof of address needs to be less than 90 days old and should show your name.

Unacceptable documents

  • Landline or mobile phone bills
  • Insurance documents
  • Card statements
  • Water bills

Both the name and address featured on your identification and proof of address provided must match, otherwise it won’t be accepted.

There may be times when more evidence or further checks are from the finance provider are needed after the application has been approved, so be sure to remain cooperative at all stages of the process.

What if my business is less than one year old?

new business

Businesses that are young or have been denied finance in the past may still be able to lease, so long as they can provide the necessary documents.

In these circumstances, a finance provider might ask for the following:

  • A director’s guarantee
  • Management account
  • Three months’ business bank statements

Now that you’re aware of what documents you need in order to lease a car, start your journey by searching for your ideal car. Or you can check out our best special offers for great discounts on new models.

If you’ve still got unanswered questions regarding leasing, head over to our guides page for all the information you need.

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