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Sunny skies, a warm breeze and long stretches devoid of traffic are what driving dreams are made of with convertible cars. A convertible is a vehicle with a roof that folds down or is otherwise removable - so it can go from a car-with-a-roof to an open-top vehicle without.

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Why lease a convertible?

It's safe to say, the convertible is an iconic symbol of freedom on the roads. When choosing a convertible, there are options across all different-sized cars, including dinky city cars like the Smart ForTwo Cabrio, bigger hatchbacks like the award-winning Mini Convertible, and even convertible SUVs (namely the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet). Many modern convertible cars come with features that make it less turbulent when you drop the top. For example, take the Fiat 500 Cabrio - it has a handy ‘air cap’ that shields your head from any air flooding into the cabin. And last but not least, sports cars are some of the most iconic models to use the soft-top convertible design, allowing you to enjoy summer drives down winding roads, with wind-in-your-hair thrills. Some iconic convertible sports cars include the Mazda MX-5 Convertible, Audi TT Roadster and BMW Z4 Roadster.

Best features of a convertible

Best of both worlds

Most convertible vehicles can easily be transformed back into an alternative design, for example a coupe or sedan, with just the push of a button. This versatility means you can have the best of both worlds – the wind in your hair, but a roof over your head when the unpredictable UK weather hits.

Easy manoeuvering

Visibility is increased with this type of vehicle. With the roof down, you'll see a noticeable reduction in blind spots, which makes manoeuvring and parking much easier.

Full of style

If you’re a style enthusiast, a convertible car will not disappoint. The wow factor provided with this type of car is like no other. The sporty, classic look of a convertible will definitely make your car stand out from the crowd.

Added head room

A huge benefit of driving a convertible is the added head room. If you normally have difficulty finding a vehicle that accommodates your height, a convertible may be the perfect option for you.

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