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Estate cars are some of the most versatile models on the market, providing a perfect balance between practicality, performance and comfort for both families and business professionals.

We compare hundreds of estate car lease deals to get you the best offer on brand-new models.

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Our estate lease deals are too good to pass up! Below, you can compare a variety of offers and find the perfect car for you, whether that's an electric or automatic estate.

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Why lease an estate?

Our estate leasing deals mean you can drive a distinctly professional model for fixed monthly payments. For example, take the BMW 5-Series Touring, which has an incredibly spacious, comfortable interior, as well as strong performance that’s fantastic for carrying family and belongings when driving long distances.

We also have business lease deals, which are a great option if you’re a company car driver. As these agreements are tax-deductible, you can claim 50% of VAT back on the monthly payments, making them much cheaper than a personal lease.

Best features of an estate

They're practical

The practicality of estate cars are unmatched. As well as their large boot, their shape and low loading lip make loading large objects effortless. Plus, the flat floor and low loading lip make this type of car ideal for changing muddy boots after a family day out or a hike with friends. So, rest assured, whatever type of lifestyle you have, an estate car can accommodate your needs.

Fuel economy

In a world where spiralling petrol prices is a common occurence, choosing an estate car could be the answer. Thanks to the aerodynamics of this type of car, you can enjoy both fuel economy and driving efficiency. In simpler terms, the sleeker the car, the more easily it can slip through the air – saving you fuel in the process.

Elegant styling

Whilst practicality and spaciousness are key features people look for, with estates you can have the best of both worlds, as you'll also benefit from elegant styling. With the newer, more versatile estate cars, think sophisticated, contemporary models with leather interiors, so you can always drive in style whilst on the road.


Don’t worry if you’re on a budget and want to drive an estate car - some of the best are equally as affordable as an SUV, such as the Ford Focus Estate and Skoda Octavia Estate.

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