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Polestar 2
200kW 69kWh Standard Range Single motor 5dr Auto
from £331 per month

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Is business leasing for me?

Your business will usually need to be established for two years to qualify for a business lease, with accounts to show the company's income. Some providers may be able to help if your business is just getting started but your options will be more limited. We would be happy to discuss your exact circumstances and try to find a deal for you needs.

All of our deals are available with the option of maintenance throughout the duration that you have the vehicle, so you can have complete peace of mind getting to and from work. Each car also comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover you in the event of a mechanical or electrical fault.

What is business car leasing?

Just like personal leasing, with a business car lease, you’ll pay a non-refundable initial payment which will be followed by fixed monthly payments for the remainder of your agreement. At the end of the contract, simply hand the car back to the leasing provider with nothing more to pay (as long as you’ve stuck to the agreed annual mileage and there’s no damage to the vehicle). You then have the option to either opt for a new lease on another brand-new vehicle, or walk away. The choice is yours!

Many businesses choose to lease their cars because of the tax benefits it offers, which tends to make the monthly payments considerably cheaper than a personal lease.

The benefits of business car leasing

Tax-deductible payments

50% of the VAT can be reclaimed on the monthly payments, or 100% if you’ve used the car solely for business journeys (excludes commuting to and from work).

Free mainland UK delivery

If your delivery address is in mainland UK, your nearest manufacturer dealership will deliver your new business lease car, completely free of charge.

Fixed monthly payments

This helps keep expenses predictable so you can easily budget for your new car.

No risk of depreciation

Having the option to eventually return your company car at the end of your agreement, avoids the burden of depreciation. Say goodbye to carefully picking and choosing from models which are known for strong continued value – it simply won't matter.

Get a brand-new car every few years

Business car lease means you can drive the latest vehicle every couple of years, so you benefit from the latest tech and equipment.

Full warranty and road tax included

As part of our business car lease requirements, the full manufacturer’s warranty and road tax will be included in the monthly payments.

How it works

Choosing a vehicle
Depending on the needs of your business, you'll need to decide what manufacturer and model of car will be best suited. You may need commercial vans if your business is involved in road freight. Or perhaps the company car will be used for private trips by employees, which in that case, a vehicle with low CO2 emissions would be ideal.
Configure your deal
After you’ve found the perfect car, it's time to figure out the logistics, such as how much you want to pay upfront, the length of your contract, as well as how many miles you expect to drive the vehicle for.
Arrange insurance and delivery
Make sure that the start date of your insurance policy is the same day as when your car is going to be delivered, so that you can drive it straight away. All you need to do is choose an appropriate day for the handover to take place.


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