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Hybrid car leasing is the best way to reduce vehicle emissions and still be able to complete long journeys, without needing to worry about battery range.

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Nissan JUKE
1.6 Hybrid N-Connecta 5dr Auto
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Why lease a hybrid car?

A hybrid lease deal is a great way to save money on running costs for your new car. Because hybrid cars are partly powered by an electric motor and battery, they burn less fuel and produce fewer CO2 emissions while you’re driving. This tends to make them cheaper to run than most traditional petrol and diesel cars.If you’re not quite ready to make the switch to an electric car, a hybrid car lease is a good ‘halfway’ house.With Moneyshake hybrid lease deals, you can compare the latest offers on mild hybrid (MHEV), full hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles.

What are the different types of hybrid cars?

Mild hybrid

Mild hybrids use an electric motor alongside a combustion engine, but they can’t be powered by one or the other independently. Instead, a small electric motor assists the engine, providing modest power and efficiency boosts. You don’t need to charge a mild hybrid car because the engine does this automatically.

Full hybrids

Full hybrids have an electric motor and combustion engine that can work simultaneously or independently. The electric motors are bult into the car’s drivetrain, meaning you can drive the car in electric-only mode, albeit at low speeds and for limited distances. You don’t need to charge a full hybrid car because the engine does this automatically.

Plug-in hybrid

A plug-in hybrid vehicle uses a bigger onboard battery that needs to be charged once empty. These models provide much better electric-only ranges (usually around 30 miles), meaning you won’t have to use fuel when commuting locally. It’s important that you remember to charge the battery, otherwise your car will use a lot more fuel carrying an empty, heavy battery pack around.

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