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Cookies Used On This Website


Used to store product views using the Facebook Pixel. This data is refered to and used on Facebook, to show more personalised shopping adverts of recently viewed items. Facebook records the products you have viewed. Facebook then use this data to show you shopping adverts of similar products on your Facebook account.


Google Analytics tracking for user based session data, used for internal analysis of site performance and potential on site conversion enhancements (such as A/B testing of new layouts/themes). These are also used to store product views within Google Adwords. This data is refered to and used on Google Shopping, to show more personalised shopping adverts of recently viewed items. Google records the products you have looked at on our site. When you make a search for similar products on Google’s website it will make suggestions to you based on what you have looked at on our website.


Used to store whether you have seen our cookie notification at the top of our website. By clicking/pressing OK or navigating to a new page you accept our cookie policy and as such the cookie notification will no longer appear. This records whether you have clicked on our cookie notification banner at the top of the pages on our website. If you have, you no longer see the banner. Purpose

Used to provide a live chat service between the user and a Moneyshake representative. Users engaging with this service may voluntarily provide Personal Data (name, email, phone number), additionally one form of Personal Data, namely IP address, is collected automatically. Chatify also stores a users conversation history.