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If you're a car lover, sports cars represent everything that’s fun about driving. Though they tend to be more expensive than your average vehicle, our sports car lease deals make it more affordable to drive some of the flashiest vehicles produced today.

We compare hundreds of sports car lease deals and show you the best offers on the latest vehicles, all brand-new and for fixed monthly payments.

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Why lease a Sports car?

We have sports car lease deals available on fantastic entry-level models like the Audi TT - a flexible, lightweight car that's fun to drive and will definitely turn heads. Or step it up a notch with some seriously fast cars like BMW’s iconic ‘M’ line-up, including the BMW M3 and BMW M4 – both set the benchmark for class-leading performance. On the other hand, if you're looking for something a bit more sensible and flexible, we have leasing deals available on sports cars that can fit more than just two passengers. For example, the Kia Stinger has a couple of seats in the back that are roomier than most rivals, yet it still delivers driving thrills from its V6 engine and rear-wheel drive setup.

Best features of a Sports car

Driving experience

Not all cars can offer the unique driving experience of a sports car. These vehicles are built for speed and agility. They're normally lighter and have more horsepower than other types of vehicles, which makes them able to go faster and handle turns better.

Range of styles

With a sports car, you're sure to be the most eye-catching driver on the road. Plus, there are so many styles and design choices, from coupe, to cabriolet or convertible, you'll be spoilt for choice.


Aside from good looks and excellent performance, comfort is always guaranteed in a sports car. Most models will offer a first-class surround sound system, so you can truly immerse yourself in the beat. And the seats are designed to support your body with the movement of the car (and any sharp corners) so there's no disruption to your driving experience.

Driving experience

Sport cars are designed with aerodynamics in mind. This means that most models will be small, slim, and able to take corners more easily. When compared to SUVs and 4x4 cars, a sports car will be far easier to park (and drive) in crowded areas and navigate through tight roads.

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