Moneyshake FAQs

Have you got questions about business and personal leasing? Then check out our answers below to the most commonly asked questions to find out more.

What is car leasing?
Is leasing better than buying?
What is contract hire?
How old do I have to be to lease?
Can I put a private plate on a lease car?
Can a new business lease a car?
Can I lease an electric car?
Where will the car be delivered?
Where does free UK mainland delivery include?
What happens if I'm made redundant during my lease?
What’s the difference between personal and business leasing?
How long does a lease deal last?
What's included in the contract?
What’s not included in the contract?
Who’s responsibility is insurance?
What’s the initial rental?
Do lease cars have a warranty?
What happens if my lease car is involved in an accident or written off?
What annual mileage should I choose?
Will a finance company check my credit history?
Can I use a guarantor if I can’t get finance?
What restrictions are there when leasing a car?
I've not been approved for finance. What can I do?
Is 'no deposit' leasing available?
Can I test drive a lease vehicle before ordering?
Who owns a lease vehicle?
What happens if I exceed the agreed mileage on my lease agreement?
Can I change aspects of my lease?
Can I pass the lease to someone else?
Can I modify my lease vehicle?
How much wear and tear is considered acceptable?
Can I end my lease agreement early?
What happens if the contract holder dies?
Can I add a private number plate to my lease car?
Does a 9-month initial rental mean I don't have to start paying the lease cost until month 10?
Can I smoke in my lease car?
I'm arranging insurance for my lease car. How can I get an accurate quote?
How long will it take before my car is delivered?
How does annual mileage and contract length affect the lease price?
Can I vinyl wrap my lease car to advertise my company's brand?
How much company car tax will be due on my business lease car each year?
When do I pay the initial rental and monthly payments?
Is road tax included?
Can I take my lease car abroad?
What happens at the end of the lease agreement?
Are all lease cars brand-new and include delivery?
Why do some of your providers charge processing fees?
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