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Polestar 2
200kW 69kWh Standard Range Single motor 5dr Auto
from £397 per month

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Why Switch to an electric car lease?

Electric car leasing gives you access to a greener vehicle, the latest equipment and cheap running costs. Simply decide on your make and model or search by your monthly budget and then make fixed monthly payments until your contract ends – it’s as easy as that.

With major brands such as BMW, Audi and Nissan creating their own versions of these green vehicles, now is a great time to find a top deal on a brand-new electric car lease.

Businesses are increasingly looking at business EV leasing for fleets because there’s very little company car tax to pay on pure-electric models. On top of this, many workplaces now provide their own free charging points, which means you can save money when commuting to the office five days a week. All our new EVs come with the full manufacturer’s warranty throughout your contract, so you’re covered for any electrical faults not caused by driver error.

How does electric car leasing work?

Electric car leasing is like long-term rental of a brand-new EV. You get to enjoy the flexibility of spreading the cost of an electric car over 2-4 years.

With an electric car lease deal, you:
Choose which electric car you would like to lease
Decide how long you want to lease it for — usually 2-4 years
Select how much you want to pay upfront
Set the number of miles you wish to drive per year

Why consider an electric car?

Electric cars are considerably cheaper to run than standard petrol and diesel cars, with the average cost of public charging an EV costing around £7 for a 30-minute rapid charge (equivalent to adding around 100 miles). With fuel prices only continuing to rise, cheaper charging, plus additional tax and congestion charge exemptions for EVs make them a great choice for saving money.
An electric car is much better for the environment than a standard petrol or diesel car. All electric cars produce zero emissions from an exhaust, so they play a major part in keeping the air cleaner. Their near-silent drivetrains also mean that they don't contribute towards noise pollution, either, which is a very real public health concern, especially within built-up cities.
The UK’s electric car charging infrastructure is constantly improving and there’s currently more than 40,000 public charge point connectors available to use at more than 15,000 locations, including petrol stations, supermarkets and motorway service stations. So, you'll always find somewhere to top up your batteries.
Electric cars are really fun to drive. Most electric cars have quicker acceleration than combustion vehicles due to the fact that they don’t have to burn fuel before generating power — it's instant when you press the accelerator. They're also easier in stop-start traffic, where you can use ‘one-pedal’ driving, meaning you can slow the car down and even bring it to a full stop by simply releasing the accelerator.

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