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Not only do coupe cars look classy and stand out on the road but they're also an economical choice for daily driving. With a coupe lease, you can drive an incredibly stylish vehicle for fixed monthly payments.

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Why lease a coupe?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a coupe model – namely that they have the most style of any executive cars thanks to their sportier sloping roofline. Aside from looking good, coupe models have performance benefits that stem from their more aerodynamic design. For example, take the BMW 2-Series and BMW 4-Series, which are both incredibly engaging to drive. Plus, our coupe leasing deals mean you can drive such a car without breaking the bank, at fixed monthly payments.

Best features of a coupe

Driving experience

A coupe isn't the best option if you have more than one passenger, but what they lack in space they make up for in driving experience. The shorter bodies and sporty engines make for a great driving experience. On top of that, the cabin is often well designed and luxurious.

Surprising practicality

While coupe cars aren’t renowned for their practicality, you can still get four-door models that come with a surprising amount of space for you to carry passengers. The good news is, we have lease deals available for the Mercedes-Benz CLA coupe, which has rear passenger doors for easy access into the back.

Sporty look and feel

It's no secret that coupes are built for style, offering sleeker designs than most other types of vehicles. They normally provide sporty handling too whilst still comfortably accommodating an extra passenger. In fact, within our sports coupe lease deals, you'll find vehicles offering both ultimate comfort and athletic coupe looks. For example, take cars like the Audi A7 Sportback, they offer something that’s beautifully styled yet incredibly relaxing behind the wheel.

Fuel economy

Coupe cars generally have a lighter weight, a shorter wheelbase, and an optimised engine that can reach high speeds but still remain economical.

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