If you’re looking to buy a new car, you’ll have two options of vehicle to choose from – in stock and factory order. In stock vehicles are ready-built and registered by a dealer, whereas a factory order is when a car still needs to be built after you order it.

The biggest difference between in stock and factory order vehicles is the lead time (i.e. the time it takes to be delivered once you’ve ordered). For in stock vehicles the lead time tends to be between 2-4 weeks. On the other hand, factory orders can take up to six months, especially if the car is a new release or a model with high demand.

Under current circumstances, due to manufacturers stock issues, lead times for factory orders can be much longer than originally scheduled. So anyone wanting a new car in the early part of 2022 is being urged to enquire today to avoid further delays and disappointment!

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What are in stock lease cars?

In stock lease cars are brand-new vehicles that a leasing provider has available to order immediately. This means that they can be delivered to your door as soon as possible without delay. A great option for drivers needing to get back on the road quickly.

Because they are in stock and already produced, this means that they won’t be customisable to a certain trim level or specification. Although, all cars will be brand-new and come with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

As these cars are in stock, providers will treat them as ‘first come, first serve’ – so it’s worth enquiring as soon as possible to get the vehicle you want!

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What are factory orders?

A factory order is where a new vehicle is ordered to your exact specification, built and then shipped from where it was produced.

This process can often take months before the car is actually delivered to your door, so it is worth enquiring early to avoid a long wait time for your new car.

The benefit of factory orders is that you can order them with all the additional upgrades or extras that you desire. If you prefer a different shade of red, for example, you can specify this on your order so that the manufacturer builds it to your exact requirements.