How Long Does It Take To Lease A Car?

The time it takes to lease a car is what’s known as the ‘lead time’ (from when the order is placed to receiving the vehicle). Typically, this process takes around 14 days once a provider has processed a finance application, payment details and other necessary information.

But is this the same for every vehicle on a lease? Discover how long it takes to get your leased car in this handy guide.

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3 top tips to get your lease car quick

Leasing providers understand that there are times where someone needs a quick turnaround in order to get on the road. Perhaps your car has been written off, or it needs repair work which means it will spend an extensive period of time in a garage. Scrapping that, you may just be without a vehicle all together but want to change all that and get driving ASAP.

By industry standards, 14 days is often the quickest amount of time in which your new car can be delivered to you after you’ve ordered it and paid any processing fees and the initial rental payment.

To ensure you get your hands on your new motor within this period, we recommend you follow these 3 tips.

1. Consider in stock vehicles

cars in stock

When searching for your car, keep your eyes peeled for models which are in-stock. As the name suggests, these vehicles are already accessible by the provider and just require the paperwork to be completed before delivery can be arranged.

Unlike factory orders, which are built to your exact specification by the manufacturer, an in-stock car is already assembled in full. We recommend avoiding the former unless you really want a certain feature or part on your vehicle – for example, a powered tailgate or heated door mirrors – as this will drastically increase lead time. This can mean your lease car takes up to six months, because it will (mostly) also need to be shipped from wherever it was built.

2. Know what you need


By this, we mean both the specific car you’re looking for and what contract terms you want to commit to. Knowing what you need in advance of enquiring on a vehicle won’t impact lead time, but it will reduce the time spent sussing out what’s what and who’s who when you’re searching.

Leasing comparison sites and provider websites often give you access to a search tool which allows you to find deals using your preferred manufacturer, monthly budget or the latest special offers so you can quickly filter out vehicles which don’t fit your requirements. As such, you’ll be able to enquire on a deal in minutes of seeing it, taking you one step closer to the order stage.

In terms of how you’re going to use the vehicle, you’ll also need to decide on these five things:

  • How long you want the car for – known as the ‘lease term’, this can be anywhere from 2-4 years.
  • Annual mileage – you will need to decide how many miles you intend to drive your leased car each year, which can be 8,000-30,000 miles.
  • Type of deal – if you’re using the car for private journeys, you will want a personal agreement, whereas if you’re doing mostly trips for work and the company you work for is VAT-registered then you may qualify for a business agreement.
  • An initial rental amount – before you sign the contract, a first payment will need to be made on a vehicle which will work against the total cost of the deal. This is calculated as a multiple of the monthly lease price, which can be one, three, six or nine months’ worth.
  • Maintenance package – you can add routine servicing and maintenance for your leased car which will cover repairs on wear and tear issues, as well as the cost of an MOT if your term exceeds three years.

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3. Have the right information to hand

car leasing

Every car lease agreement will be subject to approval through a credit check from the finance provider. As such, they will need some personal details and finance information in order to perform a check and ensure you can afford the monthly payments.

The credit check itself doesn’t take long, with providers having computerised systems in place that perform it. You should expect to hear back from them within a day or two about the outcome of the application, but knowing what information is required and having it to hand will speed up the whole process so you can place an order sooner rather than later.

Remember: Credit checks are handled on a case-by-case basis, so additional information can be required by the provider after the finance form is submitted. This could mean it takes longer to lease your new car.

For personal leasing, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Full name (ensure it matches the information on your driving licence)
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Address history for the past five years
  • Employment history for the last three years
  • Bank details
  • Full income and expenditure analysis (bank statements and other documents may be needed as proof of this)

If you’re applying for a business lease, the information needed will be different to that of a personal agreement. You will be asked for:

  • Three months’ worth of business bank statements and/or audited accounts.
  • Photo ID and proof of main company director.

Does delivery take longer than collection?

It’s true that delivery times for providers can be inconvenient to some people and that collection could be a quicker way to get behind the wheel of your new car.

Usually weekend deliveries of leased cars aren’t available, which can cause headaches for people working full-time Monday to Friday. However, your new car doesn’t need to be sat at the provider’s depot, with free collection a much more flexible alternative. For example, some companies will open on a Saturday for a few hours, which can be a good opportunity to go and pick up the car when you’ve got time off work.

What’s more is that exact times of the day can’t always be guaranteed when you choose delivery. Circumstances such as traffic and the mere distance needed to travel by the driver/delivery truck can make it difficult for the provider to give you an exact slot for delivery.

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