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Infiniti is a subsidiary of better-known vehicle manufacturer Nissan, which first generated the idea as a marketing strategy to bring the USA a luxury car range which can be separated from the perceived models already created by the Japanese manufacturer.

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After Toyota and Honda created Lexus and Acura as its respective premium sub-brands in the late ‘80s, Infiniti was a timely response from Nissan. With a crossover design at the core of each model, the choice of six vehicles can take you on any adventure in true style.

Low rooflines and muscular body lines are typical features across the board for Infiniti’s cars, but make the Q30 a fierce compact car like no other in its class. Standing at 1.5 metres tall and with a flexible 430-litre boot space, this unorthodox design makes it a perfect choice for a small family.

Infiniti’s engine choices are a nod to the driver-centric culture which has taken them forward for the last 30 years. After engineering a V6 engine in 1995 – labelled the ‘VQ series’ – the company went on to succeed this with a Twin Turbo V6, which is available in the Q50 Saloon and delivers a breath taking 300bhp. This is a lot of power for a vehicle which has more of an executive feel which would suit a businessperson, so you may want to opt for the toned-down 2.0- and 3.0-litre petrol units, which still do a good job of pushing this large motor along.

If practicality takes precedence over performance for your new set of wheels, then Infiniti’s SUV range has you covered. The QX30 only has a 2.1-litre diesel engine with automatic gearbox, but the alignment of the pedals and adjustable steering wheel make the cabin a nice place to be for the driver. For an improved drive, the quirky looking QX70 is more capable than it looks, with responsive steering and the optional suspension damper increasing the overall stability of the vehicle.

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