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Why switch to an electric car lease?

Electric car leasing gives you access to a greener vehicle, the latest equipment and cheap running costs. Simply decide on your make and model or search by your monthly budget and then make fixed monthly payments until your contract ends – it’s as easy as that.

With major brands such as BMW, Audi and Nissan creating their own versions of these green vehicles, now is a great time to find a top deal on a brand-new electric car lease.

Businesses are increasingly looking at business EV leasing for fleets because there’s very little company car tax to pay on pure-electric models. On top of this, many workplaces now provide their own free charging points, which means you can save money when commuting to the office five days a week. All our new EVs come with the full manufacturer’s warranty throughout your contract, so you’re covered for any electrical faults not caused by driver error.

How does electric car leasing work?

Electric car leasing is like long-term rental of a brand-new EV. You get to enjoy the flexibility of spreading the cost of an electric car over 2-4 years.

With an electric car lease deal, you:
1. Choose which electric car you would like to lease
2. Decide how long you want to lease it for — usually 2-4 years
3. Set the number of miles you wish to drive per year
4. Select how much you want to pay upfront

At the end of your lease agreement, simply hand the electric car back to the leasing provider.

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Choose your car and lease term

Compare lease deals on the latest new cars and tailor your initial payment, contract length and mileage for a monthly payment that suits your budget. If you need a new car for your business, compare our latest business lease deals on top brands such as Audi .

Enquire with our advertising provider

Check the details of your lease term and vehicle. Once you’re happy, click the “Get more info” button to securely pass your details to one of our approved providers supplying the car.

Enjoy your brand-new car

The provider will contact you at your preferred time and answer any questions you have about vehicle specifics or your lease term. They will help you place your order and keep you updated with your new car’s progress.
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