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April 24th Car Leasing
Are car garages and MOT centres still open?

Government guidelines state that car garages and MOT centres are essential and can still open their doors, providing that they adhere to new rules which help prevent the virus from spreading.

April 14th Car Leasing
Coronavirus FAQs

The coronavirus outbreak has brought about many questions from drivers about what to do with their cars, especially now that many people aren’t using them much, or at all.

April 9th Car Leasing
What Are Smart Cities?

While the idea of ‘Smart Cities’ isn’t new, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what they are. Shrouded in a mist of technological jargon and taking forward thinking to the extreme, it’s not a simple subject to get your head around.

April 6th Car Leasing
Which Manufacturers Are Making Ventilators?

The coronavirus outbreak is putting huge amounts of strain on the UK’s National Health Service, with many hospitals inundated with patients in critical condition and needing ventilators in order to stay alive.