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July 14th Car Leasing
The First Manufacturer to 1 Million EV Sales, Visualised

Who will sell 1 million electric cars first? We analysed 8.5 million EV sales to find out.

July 14th Car Leasing
Our Most Popular Lease Cars

Which cars are most popular to lease? We take an inside look at the latest vehicles that our customers love.

July 13th Car Leasing
The Moneyshake Tokyo Olympics 2020: What Cars Would We Take?

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are almost upon us, and to celebrate we’ve put together a guide of the cars we’d take for the most popular sports.

July 6th Car Leasing
6 Tips to Take Care Of Your Electric Car In Hot Weather

  Summer is here and with it comes lots of hot weather. While this is great news for us, if you have an electric car it can cause some problems with your EV. Research shows that: Turning on your air con reduces range by 17%, meaning that EV drivers planning a 100-mile trip could only […]