World Book Day: What Cars Would Your Favourite Characters Drive?

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popular world book day characters with cars

Since 1997 World Book Day has successfully delivered its aim of getting more children into reading. Every year children and adults up and down the country get involved by dressing up and sharing books – with school children receiving a voucher that entitles them to a book of their choice.

The scheme is for a great cause and it is something that we here at Moneyshake are always keen to get involved in. So not only will we be dressing up this year, but we also wanted to write something that both children and adults could have fun with.

Have you always wondered what your favourite character would drive if they were given the choice? To celebrate World Book Day we have compiled a list of the most iconic children’s book characters and matched them with their perfect car – starting with someone a little bit magical.


Harry Potter – Tesla Model 3


Hogwarts’ greatest ever wizard isn’t going to be driving around in any old thing.

The Tesla Model 3 is the perfect fit for any non-muggle with it’s range of hidden Easter eggs that are almost magical. Although Tesla may have a hard job fitting the Invisibility Booster seen on the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia.

The all-electric Model 3’s luxurious, yet spacey interior is a must for Harry’s children, seen later in the saga. Vast boot space is handy if the kids ever miss the Hogwarts Express train and need a lift with all their luggage – avoiding the nightmare of Harry and Ron’s trip in the Chamber of Secrets book.

It’s potential 456bhp is unlikely to faze Harry either, let’s face it. If he can catch a golden snitch on a Nimbus 2000 while being controlled by somebody else – he can drive one of the safest cars on the market.

harry potter and ron weasley in a tesla model 3

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Katniss Everdeen – Nissan Leaf


One of the most eco-friendly cars ever produced is fitting for Katniss Everdeen, the defiant victor against the cruel Hunger Games.

The Nissan Leaf fits the hunters modest profile yet would still provide her with all the power needed to defeat President Snow and the Capitol. Its 62kWh battery manages 239-miles and is enough to whizz between Districts without harming Panem’s atmosphere with the usual fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Much like Harry Potter, Katniss eventually settles down with her children in the aftermath of her victory, and the Leaf will provide them with all the practicality and storage space they could want.

Both iconic leaders with the best interest of their world’s future at heart, Katniss and the Leaf go hand-in-hand.

katniss everdeen with a nissan leaf

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Frodo Baggins – Mini Countryman


What better car for a small hobbit living in the country than the appropriately named Mini Countryman?

mini countryman through country terrain

It’s name is not the only thing that makes this crossover a great fit for Frodo Baggins. The Countryman’s top-spec 2.0-litre engine delivers over 220bhp – enough to help him escape Saruman, Golem, and all things evil hunting him during his voyage.

The high-definition 8.8-inch infotainment screen is easily useable so will cost Frodo no time in his mission to destroy the One Ring. Although we aren’t sure Elvish is one of the many languages available on Mini’s intuitive system.

frodo baggins with a mini key

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The BFG – Skoda Karoq


It would take a pretty big car to accommodate a regular giant – never mind a big friendly giant. But while size is a huge requirement for the classic Roald Dahl character, it still needs some oomph about it.

The Skoda Karoq provides that oomph that can get the BFG around town to collect dreams, without the risk of being spotted wandering.

Size is where the Karoq really pulls through for the friendly giant though. There is plenty of room in the front, and a large boot space gives the BFG enough room to take his trumpet and dream catcher net with him everywhere he goes. With enough room spare for a few jars of dreams.

BFG holding a Skoda Karoq

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Alice in Wonderland – Renault Twizy


In a world of weird and wonderful things, never has a car fitted a book’s landscape so perfectly. If you thought a talking rabbit or playing croquet using flamingos was odd – wait until you see the Renault Twizy.

Alice would need a few doses of the magic Drink Me juice before she would fit inside the car. But once inside she would have no problem slipping through the tiny door to get to Wonderland.

In fact, the Twizy itself looks like it got to the bottle before Alice. At just 2.3 metres long, it is a surprise that the glorified golf-buggy actually has two-seats. So if the Mad Hatter or Queen of Hearts fancy a whizz around Wonderland in the 17bhp Twizy – there is nothing stopping them.

alice in wonderland with her renault twizy

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Horrid Henry – Abarth 595


A person’s car is often a good way of judging their character. So Horrid Henry will suit nothing better than the mischievous looking Abarth 595.

The small, zippy, city car fits the popular character, created by Francesca Simon, perfectly. Henry’s pranks and mischief are the over-arching theme of the books. The Abarth 595’s top of the range 178bhp is more than enough for him to cause some mayhem around the streets of Ashton.

For a small car, the 595 is surprisingly spacious. It’s four seats means that Rude Ralph, Beefy Bert, and Brainy Brian can all join in on the fun.

horrid henry with his abarth 595

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Willy Wonka – Rolls Royce Wraith


A man that brings so much joy to children and adults alike deserves a car to match.

The Rolls Royce Wraith is sweet on the eye, extravagantly styled, and no doubt brings joy to its drivers. Making it perfect for the loveable Willy Wonka.

The innovative chocolate factory owner doesn’t get out much aside from the odd trip to Loompaland, so his car really is all about looks. Thankfully the Wraith has style in abundance. The colour scheme screams premium class, particularly the gold-brushed bonnet which is a fitting nod to the book’s golden tickets.

You would need more than a winning ticket to drive one of these limited edition Rolls Royce’s, but we won’t begrudge our favourite chocolate-maker that.

willy wonka and his rolls royce

Peter Pan – Ford Mustang


A car that simply doesn’t age for a boy that has remained the same age since 1906.

Peter Pan spends his days evading Captain Hook and his band of pirates, an effortless task behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang. Who needs to fly when you can show off the Mustang’s 460bhp producing 5.0-litre engine?

A spacy interior means that Tinkerbell, Wendy, and even a couple of the lost boys can join along for the ride without having to squeeze.

peter pan flying over a ford mustang

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