Which UK Cities Lease The Most Cars?

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Car leasing is increasing in popularity as more people look to benefit from a brand-new car every few years for fixed monthly payments. But have you ever wondered which UK cities lease the most cars? Maybe you even wondered what cars took the fancy of people the most in popular destinations across the country?

Moneyshake reveals the latest data ranking each city by the number of cars they lease, plus the top two models people in those areas opted for.


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1. London – Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes A-Class among the favourite models

London leases the most cars

‘The Big Smoke’ makes the top of our list of UK cities that lease the most cars. Londoners made up a whopping 30% of Moneyshake’s enquiries, firmly putting the Capital at the top of our list.

With London renowned for its ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zones) and Tesla continuining to dominate the electric car market, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular cars for Londoners to lease is the Tesla Model 3. The other is the Mercedes A-Class, one of the finest small hatches available on the market.


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2. Manchester – Range Rover Evoque is Mancunian’s go-to model

Manchester leased the second most cars in our list of UK cities

Arguably the music Capital of the UK, Manchester is in the spotlight not for its abilities at producing on stage talent, but because it’s second in our list of cities to lease the most cars.

That’s right, Mancunians make up 14% of vehicle enquiries on personal lease deals from Moneyshake. That’s around half the amount of cars London leased in the same period, but Manchester has less than 6% of London’s population. So, while the North and South divide still remains in terms of total number of cars leased, ‘Manny’ has the beating of London when it comes to the number of cars leased per person.

It appears that Mancunians have an eye for the fashionable things in life too, with most of the orders being on the trend-setting Range Rover Evoque.


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3. Birmingham – Brummies have a soft spot for the BMW 3 Series

Birmingham is the third in our list of UK cities that lease the most cars

Birmingham is an automotive powerhouse – home to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover. As the second largest city in the UK too, it probably won’t come as a shock to see it up here in our list of cities that lease the most cars.

The folk of Birmingham represent 13% of Moneyshake enquiries, but their favourite model wasn’t one of their own. Nope, it was one of Germany’s finest – the BMW 3 Series. However, this is understandable when you consider just how popular it is here in the UK. Not even Jaguar’s luxury saloons are as fun to drive (in our opinion) than this class-leading model.


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4. Leeds – ‘Loiners’ also favour the Mercedes A-Class

Leeds is fourth in our list of UK cities that lease the most cars

A lot of famous names and brands have come out of Leeds, and while we can’t tell you if any of the former leased a car through us, we can tell you the city’s population, known as ‘Loiners’ (for reasons that are speculated) like to lease.

As the fourth city to lease the most cars from Moneyshake, the people of Leeds make up 9% of Moneyshake’s enquiries. While it’s a rarity that similarities are drawn between London and Leeds, they do have one thing in common, and that’s that their inhabitants are big fans of the Mercedes A-Class. When you consider how suavely Mercedes-Benz’s smallest model fits into the city with its rich style and compact dimensions it’s easy to see why it would be a go-to choice.


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5. Liverpool – Liverpudlians and Mancunians have more in common than you’d expect, both favouring the Range Rover Evoque

Liverpool is fifth on our list of the UK cities that lease the most cars

Famous for its world-famous waterfronts, football team and home to one of the most popular bands in history, Liverpool holds a fond place in many of our hearts.

Ships, sport and music aside, it turns out that Liverpool can also be considered a city of car leasing advocates too. So much so that the “Pool of Life” makes our top five cities that lease the most cars.

9% of leasing enquiries from Moneyshake were made by people living in Liverpool, which is identical to Leeds. Also, despite the fierce rivalry between Manchester and Liverpool when it comes to football in particular, they both seem to have an interest in common when it comes to cars. Namely, we found out that people from the two northern powerhouse cities chose the Range Rover Evoque over any other model.


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