UK Cities As Cars – Which Car Best Describes Your City?

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You’ve heard all about our favourite city cars – but what if our favourite cities were cars? We know, we know. It is a completely implausible thought that only serves to humour our readers – but so is almost any sci-fi film, and we all enjoy those right?

We have picked out some of the greatest UK cities and matched each one with a car that best suits it. Whether the uncanny resemblance is a nod to the individual city’s culture, history, or even its famous sports teams – we have found a car that closely represents a lot of what is great about these cities.


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London – Tesla Model X


A black cab or red bus may have been the obvious choice here, but not necessarily the right one.

In a city that is big, fast and a little more expensive than others – there could be no other choice than the big, fast, and slightly more expensive Tesla Model X.

It is an expense that is well justified though. The Model X is officially the fastest SUV on the planet, and its upcoming Plaid version will take that speed one step further with over 1,000bhp. A 340-mile range is equally as impressive for an all-electric car that will fit right in throughout London’s low emission zone.

2012 was a year to remember for both city and car. Just over nine years ago the world watched as the Model X prototype was officially unveiled months before the 2012 Olympics took place in the UK’s capital.


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Edinburgh – Land Rover Discovery


A great-looking, possibly under appreciated car with a definitive charm is suited to nowhere better than the city of Edinburgh.

Both Edinburgh and the Land Rover Discovery are blessed with newer editions while their respective older versions are still very much loved and in use. The Old Town sharing a classic, nostalgic feel with its Land Rover counterpart.

The Scottish capital is famed for its incredible scenery that blends the beautiful architecture with its natural landscape. So a car with a suave-style and off-road capabilities is more than apt. This is never more true than around Christmas time, Edinburgh’s Christmas markets are synonymous with festivities across the UK and the Discovery’s heated seats make it the perfect festive SUV.


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Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Porsche Cayman


It is only right that the city we have to thank for the birth of Lucozade is matched with something fast. Still, it takes a lot more than just a few Raspberry Lucozade Sports to reach the Porsche Cayman’s top-of-the-range 420bhp.

With just enough space to seat both Ant and Dec, the joyously-sounding Porsche Cayman is as iconic among petrolheads as the Angel of the North is among Geordies.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is renowned for its eye-catching bridges that connect either side of the River Tyne. And while the Cayman’s capabilities don’t exactly include tackling one of the UK’s largest rivers – there are fewer cars better equipped to get you from one place to another. It’ll even turn some heads while you’re at it.


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Sheffield – Toyota Yaris


It was crucial that whichever car we chose for Sheffield was adored by students. After all, it’s renowned for being one of the top cities for students to study.

The Toyota Yaris is one of the most popular among younger drivers – particularly those on a budget – thanks to its low running costs and incredible reliability. We’d even say its steel-like sturdiness that makes it so perfectly synonymous with the Steel City.

Hard-working, and never one to be flashy, the Toyota Yaris also has a sporty streak in its locker. A recent facelift gives it a much more aggressive look, while the GR Yaris takes that one step further with its 250bhp producing petrol engine.


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Liverpool – BMW 5 Series


Available in red or blue – the BMW 5 Series and the city of Liverpool really are made to be together.

Another football-loving city, Liverpool has German innovation to thank for its machine-like operations – well, one half of Merseyside at least. Such innovation is imperative to the 5 Series’ top-of-the-range 525bhp. Fitting for a city that hosts the widely-anticipated Grand National horse race every year.

Both Liverpool and the BMW 5 Series celebrated considerable success throughout the ’80s. The car’s second generation was produced over a period of time which saw the cities two teams come together to share every English Football League title. But in no arena, arguably, has Liverpool been more successful than in music.

The area really has a musical history to twist and shout about. Whether it’s The Beatles, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, or Atomic Kitten – BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is one of the best around, and is perfectly placed to suit all of your musical needs.


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Bath – Maserati Ghibli


A real jewel of the nation, Bath’s scenery is among some of the country’s finest – and the same could be said for the Maserati Ghibli. Fewer cars carry such a slick, attractive style than the Italian manufacturer’s flagship model.

Its Italian roots are appropriate too. In a city so heavily inspired by Roman architecture, nowhere more so than its famous Roman Baths, the charmingly beautiful Maserati is well suited.

The Ghibli is more than just a looker though. Even its slowest engine produces over 320bhp – and if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the 580bhp V8 Trofeo version.


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