Star Wars Day 2022: What Cars Would Star Wars Characters Drive?

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May the 4th be with you.

Star Wars Day is upon us, and here at Moneyshake we’re big fans of George Lucas’ iconic franchise. But to put a modern, automotive spin on the blockbuster saga might seem sacrilege to the superfans of you out there…

However, a short time ago in a leasing company (not so) far, far away…we couldn’t help but use our Jedi minds to work out what cars Star Wars characters would drive.

Needless to say, no Millenium Falcons, ATT Battle Tanks or Podracers made our list. Only real cars that hold some relevance to the not-so-real characters.


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1. Yoda – Toyoda Aygo X

2022 AYGO X

Yoda might belong to a mysterious species while simultaneously being a Jedi Master, but there’s nothing superfluous or mystical about his car.

The Toyota Aygo X – or for the sake of this blog, the ‘Toyoda Aygo X’ – is a sensible choice for this two foot two being. It’s six times longer than him for starters, while the height-adjustable driver’s seat as standard will come in handy in allowing him to reach the pedals.

One thing the Aygo X and Yoda have in common is that they’re both very smart. With Toyota Safety Sense available on all Aygo X trim levels, this lovable jacked-up city car gets intelligent features that keep you safe out on the road. This includes lane departure warning system, emergency brake assist and hill start assist. Yoda arguably keeps Luke ‘in line’ with his wisdom and training, that ultimately led to the rebirth of the Jedi.


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2. C-3PO – Citroen C3-PO

Star Wars Day - Citroen C3-PO

A droid fluent in over six million forms of communication that has a tendency to fuss and worry. Lovers of the Star Wars franchise will understand that it’s very rare to see C-3PO on their screen without his smaller sidekick droid, R2-D2.

Trivia aside, the question we asked ourselves is: ‘What car would an overly worried robot drive?’ Well, one that’s reassuring of course. Safe, one might add.

How convenient is it then that the one car that fit the bill has a lot in common with the gold, Galaxy-saving droid? Of course, we’re talking about the Citroen C3 – aptly renamed the ‘Citroen C3-PO’ here.

There’s plenty to be reassured about with the Citroen C3 too. Everything about the car is geared towards being a solid family hatchback, including its 54mpg fuel economy and coffee break alert function. The latter will come in handy if C-3PO is feeling a little worn out from the long drives through intergalactic space with R2-D2’s incessant beeping.


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3. Luke Skywalker – Juke Skywalker

Star Wars Day - Juke Skywalker

Being the son of a Jedi Knight brings with it a lot of expectation and pressure. Luke Skywalker had to learn the ways of the Force in order to successfully rebel the Dark Side.

And what sort of vehicle does one need in order to successfully counteract such a menacing evil? Well, a tech-savvy SUV with gadgets galore is certainly a start. Behold, the Nissan Juke (Skywalker). Its slick LED daytime running lights alone have the kind of sharpness you’d expect from a futuristic space shuttle.

Personally, we feel like the Tekna+ specification of the Juke is what Luke would drive. It comes with an advanced safety shield pack that sounds like it would be the perfect defense mechanism against storm trooper blasters.


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4. Rey – Rey-nault Captur

Star Wars Day - The Rey-nault Captur

The latest Star Wars trilogy brought with it a pleasant surprise in a new character, Rey. Though fans of the franchise hadn’t been made aware of her existence in the original films, she would have certainly ‘Captur-ed’ attention with her Jedi skills with a lightsaber.

In fitting with her name and dramatic entrance onto the big screen, we’re firm believers that Rey’s go-to car would be the Renault Captur, aptly named the ‘Rey-nault Captur’ for the context of this blog. In fact, when you look back at the MK1 Captur from 2013 and compare it to today’s second generation model, it also looks like it scavenged some parts to get where it is today.

This explains why the car benefits from Renault’s latest and greatest CMF-B platform that’s notably sportier and modern.


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5. Han Solo – Ford Puma

Star Wars Day 2021 - Ford Puma

Now you may be wondering why Han Solo, with his prized Millenium Falcon ship, would have any need for a Ford Puma. But bear with us here.

For starters, the Puma itself is somewhat of a prized possession. In fact, it won the coveted What Car? Car of the Year award overall thanks to its brilliant sporty drive, fuel-efficient engines and excellent onboard tech. It’s also great value for money and has won the hearts of small SUV fans across the globe.

There’s also the fact that it’s a Ford which means it’s directly related to the man who plays Han Solo: Harrison Ford. So what more could you ask for?


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6. Obi-Wan Kenobi – Kia Sportage

all new kia sportage

A legendary Jedi Master that was responsible for training some of the best in the business. Obi-Wan Kenobi is arguably a leader in his class, so he has to have a car that can match his abilities.

Okay, the Kia Sportage can’t brainwash stormtroopers using Jedi mind tricks, but it can beat the rest of the family car class with its seven-year warranty and bigger boot than the ever-popular Nissan Qashqai.

Passenger space is a big bonus of the Kia Sportage, with a lot of head, leg and shoulder room. Given that Obi-Wan has a lot of apprentices to train and care for, it’s no surprise that he’s going to need a roomy SUV, and the Sportage is one of our favourites.

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