Visualised: A Minute of Motor Manufacturing

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On average, 94 million motors are manufactured each year, based on production numbers from the past five years. The colossal scale of production is hard to imagine, so we’ve visualised it for you.

Moneyshake has crunched the numbers for manufacturing and revenue across the largest brands and countries to see which is producing the most cars in a minute, plus more visualised findings on electric vehicles (EVs) to show you who’s leading the electric market.

Toyota makes 20 vehicles in one minute

Out of the 20 biggest motor manufacturers, the Toyota Motor Group tops the charts for producing the most vehicles. The Japanese automotive giant manufactures a huge 10.4 million motors per year, with its most notable divisions including Toyota and Lexus.

This is equivalent to an incredible 872,000 vehicles a month, 28,000 each day or 19.9 per minute. By the time you finish reading this article, there will be around 177 more Toyotas in the world.

Compare other big names below and see who else is producing the most vehicles per minute, as we visualise the colossal scale of production from the 20 largest automotive brands.

Volkswagen is just behind, manufacturing 10.3 million motors per year, which equals 19.8 each minute. From the prestige of Bugatti and Bentley to the everyday appeal of VW and Skoda, the group has a brand for almost every driver in its vast output.

After that, production drops by millions of vehicles. While Hyundai remains the third-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, the South Korean company produces much fewer vehicles than its top two competitors at 7.2 million each year, or 13.7 motors per minute.

China manufactures 48.9 vehicles every minute

When analysing vehicle manufacturing around the world, China dominates the industry, producing a massive 25.7 million vehicles each year, which is the equivalent of 48.9 motors per minute.

With huge companies like SAIC and Dongfeng headquartered in China, it’s clear why it’s been the largest automotive manufacturing country for over a decade. In fact, China produces more vehicles than the USA, Japan and Germany put together. See how other countries compare against China’s impressive vehicle production in our visual.

It would take 12 years to earn as much as Toyota & VW make in one minute

As the largest motor manufacturing groups, it’s unsurprising that Toyota and Volkswagen make the most revenue, too. But the amount is staggering, at $280.5 and $275.2 billion respectively, which means both manufacturers make over $500,000 every minute.

The average UK earner would have to work for 12 years before making as much as these manufacturers do in just 60 seconds. In the US, it would take nine years.

Check out the rest of the top motoring manufacturers, ranked by how much revenue they make in a minute.

How much the top vehicle manufacturers make per minute

1. Toyota – $533,676

2. Volkswagen – $523,592

3. Daimler – $359,970

4. Ford – $285,198

5. Honda – $270,928

6. General Motors – $261,035

7-8. SAIC – $230,403

7-8. FCA – $230,403

9. BMW – $221,842

10. Nissan – $183,219

11. Hyundai – $172,184

12. Peugeot – $159,056

Jaguar Land Rover vehicles produce the most emissions

As many drivers are becoming more eco-conscious and turning to greener alternatives, we researched the average emissions per vehicle for 15 automotive brands. Surprisingly, manufacturing the most motors doesn’t necessarily mean the most emissions – here’s why.

After comparing CO2 emissions data from 146 new vehicles across 15 brands, we found that Tata Motors, owner of Jaguar Land Rover, produces the most emissions. That’s despite recent figures showing that the group produces only one million vehicles per year, which isn’t even enough to make our top 20 list of most active manufacturers. The brand also recently recalled thousands of vehicles with ‘excessive levels of CO2’.

More positively, Tesla is number one for low emissions, with an average output of zero CO2 thanks to its innovative electric offering. See how other motor groups compare with our research findings.

Average NEDC CO2 emissions per vehicle by motor group

1. Tesla – 0 g/KM

2. MG-SAIC – 105.75 g/KM

3. PSA Groupe – 105.8 g/KM

4. Toyota-Mazda – 113.9 g/KM

5. Mitsubishi Motors – 115.1 g/KM

6. BMW Group – 116.4 g/KM

7. Hyundai – 118 g/KM

8. Honda Motor Group Europe LTD – 120.1 g/KM

9. Renault – 121.3 g/KM

10. Ford-Werke GMBH – 123.5 g/KM

11. Suzuki Pool – 125 g/KM

12. KIA – 127.5 g/KM

13. VW Group PC – 131 g/KM

14. Daimler AG – 133.6 g/KM

15. Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover – 174.2 g/KM

Tesla sells 64% more EVs than any other manufacturer at 42 per hour

The Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 reports that 58% of all passenger vehicles sold will be electric by 2040, compared to just 2.7% today, suggesting a rapid increase in the next two decades. With financial incentives available for low- or zero-emission vehicles, plus the advantage of getting the latest technology, more drivers are set to make the switch to electric cars.

But which manufacturer is ready to meet the electric demand? Of course, Tesla takes the prize for selling the most EVs at 370,000 a year, or 42 per hour. Almost 50,000 of these sales were from the game-changing, affordable Model 3, although it’s been reported that Tesla has stopped selling the cheapest $35,000 or £26,000 version.

We already know that Tesla is leading the EV market, but by how much? Our research shows that Tesla sells 64% more EVs than any other manufacturer. Tesla also sells more EVs than BMW, Nissan, VW and Renault put together. See more of our findings below as we compare 10 of the biggest automotive brands and visualise how many EVs they sell each year.

Norway sells 261% more EVs per 10,000 people than any other country

We also analysed how many EVs are sold by country. China dominates again, selling over one million EVs a year, or 2,904 per day, which isn’t a surprise as the country has such a high population. Considering this, China sells much fewer EVs per person than other countries at just seven EVs per 10,000 of the population.

The greenest country turns out to be Norway, selling 80,000 EVs per year, which is equal to 148 EVs per 10,000 people – 261% more than any other country. Sweden comes in second place, although the units sold per 10,000 people is a lot less at 41, suggesting that EVs are popular in the Nordics. See how other countries compare as we rank them by how many EVs they sell per 10,000 people.

How many EVs are sold per day per 10,000 people in 11 countries

1. Norway – 148

2. Sweden – 41

3. Netherlands – 40

4. Canada – 15

5. Germany – 13

6. UK – 11

7. USA – 10

8. France – 9

9. China – 7

10. Korea – 5

11. Japan – 3

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