Hyundai Launches Electric Sub-brand Ioniq

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Gone are the days where the Hyundai Ioniq referred to just one car in the South Korean manufacturer’s lineup. Although technically speaking the Ioniq is three separate models – a plug-in hybrid, self-charging hybrid and fully electric model.

Now Ioniq represents an all-new range of electric cars produced by the highly esteemed brand. This range consists of three models which will be launched in the next four years, including an SUV, saloon and sports car.

Hyundai Ioniq sub brand
Credit: Hyundai UK

What do we know about the Hyundai Ioniq lineup?

  • All models will be based on its own brand-new E-GMP platform, built specifically for electric cars. This platform allows for fast charging and a “plentiful driving range”.
  • The first model is expected to be launched in 2021 with the ‘Ioniq 5′, a crossover modelled on the brand’s concept ’45’.
  • Subsequent models are named numerically (and logically) as ‘Ioniq 6’ (a sports saloon) and ‘Ioniq 7’ (an SUV). They are expected to be available in 2022 and 2024 respectively.
  • The naming of the cars is similar to what Volkswagen has done with its ID range.
  • Hyundai will take inspiration from existing EV models (Ioniq and Kona to offer ultra-fast charging, 200+ miles of range and a spacious interior.
  • Ioniq represents the commitments of the brand to developing clean mobility and connected lifestyle solutions.

What features will Ioniq EVs have?

It’s still unclear exactly what sort of tech each Ioniq model will have. However, Hyundai has revealed what to expect from its electric E-GMP platform debut.

In accordance with creating a “smart living space” inside its new cars, the vehicles will feature a long wheelbase and flat floor. The idea is to generate as much interior room as possible in the name of driver/passenger comfort.

Other characteristics expected to be present in the cars include:

  • Highly adjustable seats
  • Wireless connectivity
  • A unique glove box designed as drawers

How much will an Ioniq model cost?

Prices are speculative as it stands as to how much one of the Ioniq EVs will cost.

The Hyundai Motor Group’s recent announcement that it aims to sell one million units of its BEVs (battery electric vehicles) by 2025 and become a global leader in the market might suggest that they’re going to be competitively priced. With that said, it’s hard to see how any of them will be cheaper than the existing Ioniq (around £33,000) or Kona (around £32,500) models.

The good news is that both these models are much more affordable on a finance option, both costing roughly £240 per month when leasing. So, you may want to consider this if you want easy access into an EV.

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