Halloween: 4 Killer Cars From The Movies

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Halloween is fast-approaching and here at Moneyshake we want you to stay safe on the roads. So, we’ve uncovered the worst killer cars from the movies to look out for.

Now it’s very unlikely that you’re going to encounter these monstrous motors while you’re nipping to the local shops or dropping the kids off at school. However, all of them are based on real models that could well be on your neighbour’s driveway, ready to strike at any moment.

From supernatural murderous machines to creepy serial killer transport, discover the four vicious vehicles that’ll have you suspecting your own car and others’ when you get behind the wheel.

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1. Christine – 1958 Plymouth Fury

Killer Cars - Plymouth Fury, Christine

If you thought driverless cars were something to be feared over safety concerns, ‘Christine’ (pictured above) is the stuff of nightmares.

We can all be guilty of being protective over our cars at times, but for your car to return the favour and become possessive over you is quite another thing. That’s exactly what this demonic ’58 Plymouth Fury does in the 1983 film, namely by murdering protagonist Arnie Cunningham’s (Keith Gordan) bullies after they try to destroy the car as payback for getting them expelled from school.

Adding to the eerie ambience of Christine is ‘her’ ability to regenerate parts of her body damaged during the brutal murders of wrong-doers of her or her owner.

You can still get your hands on a Plymouth Fury through a classic car dealer, but be sure to check the description for any ‘abnormal’ features – you know, like anthropomorphic tendencies to seek revenge on anyone that crosses its path.

2. ‘The Hitcher’s car’ – 1970s Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition

Killer Cars - Pontiac Firebird, The Hitcher

While the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am isn’t busy showing off its iconic American sports car status, John Ryder (Sean Bean) in the 2007 remake of the movie The Hitcher is behind the wheel of it. Unfortunately he isn’t the brave, humble British soldier Sharpe this time, but instead an apathetic serial killer on a murderous rampage.

His choice of vehicle? A Firebird that’s near-identical to the one above, which we must point out isn’t the killer itself. However, it’s a destructive tool that allows Ryder to carry out his dirty deeds.

We’re referring in particular to the penultimate police car chase scene. After successfully framing his victims – a young college couple looking to get away for spring break – for the murder of a family, Ryder looks to terrorise them even more. The cops hit the highway to hunt down the couple, at which point Ryder speeds into frame in the sporty Pontiac and wreaks havoc, shooting officers and using the muscular Firebird to ram the rest of the pursuing vehicles off-road. Topping all this off, a squad helicopter tries to intervene, but the eagle-eyed killer with a crack shot turns round while at the wheel and swiftly puts an end to that – firing one round at the pilot, spelling an end to the carnage in his classic car.

The celebrated 6.6-litre V8 engine under the hood of the Firebird Trans Am Special Edition and its signature winged bonnet design are difficult to come across these days. They’re either collectors’ items or are listed for the kind of money that you’d get a modern-day sports, such as this low-mileage one valued at £90,000.

If you do happen to purchase one and are unlucky enough to breakdown in the middle of nowhere, please don’t take merciless vengeance on an unsuspecting teen couple looking to just enjoy their time away!

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3. Stuntman Mike’s ‘stunt car’ – 1971 Chevy Nova

Killer Cars - Chevy Nova, Death Proof

Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) isn’t your average stuntman – and if you happen to find yourself in conversation with him at a bar, make for the hills. That skull and lightning bolt crossbones on the bonnet of his Chevy Nova should be enough of a warning that this is a one-way ticket ride to your impending death.

In Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 film, Death Proof, Mike is a professional body double, but in his spare time he invites women into his Chevy Nova and purposefully causes crashes that are fatal for his victims. However, rather sinisterly, the car’s bespoke ‘death proof’ abilities mean that he walks away from these antics with barely a scratch.

Chevrolet Nova’s are less of a rarity than the others in the list, though it’ll be a hard task trying to find one that has the sort of army truck toughness that can withstand a high-speed crash and even protect you in the process.

Ominous stuntmen aside, you can find your ideal Chevy Nova using any of the many classic car websites available online.

4. Frankenstein’s Corvette – 1975 C3 Corvette

Killer Cars - Corvette, Death Race 2000

Frankenstein driving an alligator-themed Corvette – what could be more menacing than that? Apparently nothing, according to Death Race 2000 (1975) director Paul Bartel.

To set the scene, the movie is set in a dystopian America, ran by a totalitarian regime that takes pride in hosting a Transcontinental Road Race.

The rules? Well, this is the part that gets gruesome. Teams score points by not only getting the fastest lap time, but by mowing down as many pedestrians in the process as possible.

Now you may think that the car pictured above resembles one of those electric cars placed outside supermarkets that rock backwards and forwards, allowing parents a convenient option for keeping their unruly kids in check. But, without spoiling the movie, this Corvette C3 and its fearsome driver (played by David Carradine) are responsible for a lot of bloodshed, all in the name of ‘sport’.

One of the custom-made vehicles was sold at auction in 2015 with an estimated worth of around $20,000-$25,000 (approx. £15,377-£19,223), though the price it was sold at wasn’t disclosed.

Many versions of the same Chevy C3 model are available, though you won’t get the mean streak through the middle, nor the alligator skin paintwork or teeth hanging off the grille. With that being said, these are bound to be impractical when it comes to parking!

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