Father’s Day Car Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day (19th June) is nearly upon us, so why not treat the special man in your life to something he can use for his beloved car?

Check out our favourite car-related Father’s Day gift ideas that will really get his engine’s firing!


Car cleaning kit

Man cleaning his car

It’s safe to say that we’re a nation of proud car owners, so there’s an inherent pride that comes with keeping your vehicle spick and span. So, we can’t think of a better gift to complement this notion than an all-in-one car cleaning kit.

There are so many different brands available to choose from, so much so that it can make deciding between them all a tricky task. However, our favourite is the Demon Valet Pack, which is available from around £25 when on offer in Halfords.

Inside there’s everything your dad or lucky man will need in order to take good care of their motor, including snow foam shampoo, specific window and tyre cleaners, and after-care shine products.


Bottle opener for your car keys

Closeup of the key with house shaped keychain

It may be a simple concept, but key ring accessories are a fun and affordable gift that will jazz up your loved one’s keys this Father’s Day.

Even a little metal house can do this, like in the image above. Or, if you want to push the boat out, there are even more handy trinkets that will provide a useful and aesthetic addition to an otherwise sad looking bunch of keys.

You can get bottle openers, personalised straps/tags, and even wallets/cases that double up as handy storage options for either your keys or that annoying loose change which could go towards your parking.

Amazon is a great place to start with these smaller gifts, with the online marketplace having endless options for car key accessories.


Car tyre inflator

The deflated car wheel is inflated by an electric compressor, car accident concept

Keeping car tyres inflated to the right PSI as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer is key to ensuring your vehicle is safe and is key for your vehicle’s maintenance.

Most petrol stations and supermarkets offer this service, but often for a £1 charge. But wouldn’t it be great if you could save your dad or that special man in your life this spend, so that they can conveniently inflate their tyres at home?

Well, for the cheap cost of around £10, you can! Electric tyre inflators are a great gift idea to encourage savvy, safe driving for that special someone.

You’ve got a multitude of options when it comes to getting your inflator – Argos, Halfords and Amazon are all competitively priced.


Car phone mount

hand touching on phone mobile white screen in car

Not everybody has a car that is new enough to come ready with a fully-fledged infotainment system. So, it’s not always easy to get convenient and safe access to a sat nav or your favourite music on the move.

This is where a phone mount comes in handy. Designed to fit either on your windscreen, dashboard or, in some cases, they can be mounted on to your car’s air vents. Preferably you’ll want to choose a mount that can be fixed somewhere where it’s not obstructing the driver’s view of the road.

Amazon has hundreds of these phone mounts advertised from a variety of brands – some of which are magnetic and include an attachment part that goes onto the back of the phone, while others have a holder that your phone slots into, with arms either side that can be tightened/untightened in order to fit the phone.

Again, these holders are pretty affordable, with starting prices for a decent, durable holder around £13.


Boot organiser

Car hooks

Car hooks are a life-saver if you want to stop all your loose bits rolling about the inside of your car, especially on a long journey.

Instead, a car hook is designed to keep your floor free of bags, so there’s more room for your passengers’ feet in the footwells. Because the chances are if your passengers are happy, there’ll be less complaints, so driving will be (hopefully) more peaceful as a result.

So, a good gift this Father’s Day is a set of these useful hooks, which will save your loved one a lot of time and effort storing knick-knacks while on the go.


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