Christmas Special: Best Cars For Elves

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Christmas is fast approaching and Santa’s elves are busy working away to ensure everybody gets their presents on time. But there’s just one problem: how do they get to the workshop on time to deliver Christmas? Well, they need a car fit for elves of course.

But what car would an elf drive? In this Christmas special blog, we put together a list of vehicles we think are the perfect chariot for getting Santa’s little helpers to and from work.


1. Volkswagen up! GTI

Volkswagen up! GTI

The Volkswagen up! GTI is a very rare breed of car. It’s a dinky city car which comes with genuinely fun hot hatch performance. This is provided through the showpiece engine: a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, producing 113bhp.

When you want to make good progress, put your foot down and Volkswagen claims you’ll do a 0-62mph sprint in just 8.8 seconds. A fast, lightweight car that is easy to drive and park. What more could an elf want?

You can be guaranteed that the feisty, eager character of the up! GTI will be perfect for ensuring any elf gets to Santa’s workshop on time.


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2. Hyundai i10 N Line

Hyundai i10 N line

Another sporty city car that promises strong performance for optimum elf transportation is the Hyundai i10 N Line.

Like the VW, it’s small enough that an elf has the best chance of seeing out of it, and then there’s its pace. With a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine that produces 100bhp under the hood, the i10 N Line pulls strongly. It’s a couple of seconds slower than the up! GTI, but it’s still peppy by city car standards.

Just like the other Hyundai models in the manufacturer’s range, the i10 N Line is very practical for its size. The high roofline means even adult-sized humans will have enough headspace sat in the back. Knee room isn’t quite as generous, but there’s enough for an elf’s colleagues to fit comfortably back there without too much discomfort.


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3. Seat Mii Electric

SEAT Mii Electric

A bit of a different option when compared with the previous two city cars, but hear us out.

The Seat Mii Electric is one of the most affordable small city cars available to buy, yet it has a generous range of around 144 miles between charges. On top of this, when the batteries are running low from commuting to and from the workshop, it will only take an elf 45 minutes to rapidly charge the batteries up to 80% capacity. That’s not a great deal of downtime in the grand scheme of things.

More importantly, slow charging (which most EV drivers use to top up their cars) is quick too – 4.5 hours for a full charge using a standard 7kW home charger.


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4. Fiat 500 Convertible Electric

New 500 La Prima (4)

The new electric Fiat 500 has all the retro charm of the original 500, but with bang on-trend zero-emissions driving in its locker.

You may be wondering why we’ve chosen the convertible version of the Fiat 500 Electric. That’s because it comes with a bigger 42kWh battery which boosts the 500’s range from a meagre 100 miles to a healthier 155 miles.

This is quite a significant difference in range which a busy elf could do with having.

Just like the other cars in this list, the Fiat 500 convertible electric is a very easy model to park, something we’re yet to pick it up. Now it might not seem an important point, but an elf that can park up in awkward spaces when turning up to a busy workshop is undoubtedly going to be a happier, more productive elf.

Finally, there’s the surprisingly good performance of the electric Fiat 500. This is especially true when you select the more powerful 117bhp electric motor version


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5. Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo driving round a UK street

One of the easiest cars to park out of the cars in the list is the Toyota Aygo. Incredibly, all versions include a reversing camera with guidelines that make it a doddle to pull into even the most awkward of spaces.

We’ve always wondered why a car so small needed this feature, but now we know why: so elves can easily find their perfect space at work.

As well as being a great car to park, the Aygo comes ready with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) – a set of advanced safety assistance features. We mention this because no elf wants to go to and from work without knowing they’re safe during their journey.

Safety won’t be a worry this year for the elves when you consider what’s included with TSS. As standard, it comes with a pre-collision system, lane departure warning, road sign assist and automatic high beam.


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