Are These The 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made?

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4 of the 10 ugliest cars ever made. S-Cargo, Tiburon, Prowler, PT Cruiser.

Not every movie ever made is a box office hit, and not every album a band releases is a classic (unless you’re Little Mix). In every industry there are products that just don’t do it for the consumer – and the car industry is no exception.

Thankfully, manufacturers get it right more often than not. The internet is swarmed with lists of great cars and reviews of the latest sexy-looking sports cars. But sometimes they get it wrong. In the case of the cars on our list, very wrong – and for once, we want to celebrate the bad ones. Because without them, we probably wouldn’t have some of the gorgeous designs we see on modern cars.

So we’ve picked out what we would argue are the 10 ugliest cars ever made. Prepare your eyes to discover some true motoring monstrosities in this blog post.


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1. Chevrolet SSR


If anyone was curious about the demand for a two-seat convertible pick-up truck in 2003 – they weren’t left wondering for long.

The Chevrolet SSR only ran for four years, and you don’t have to look at it for long to realise why. Huge fenders that extend outside of the rest of the body are just one of the SSR’s strange looking features.

Bright red Chevrolet SSR convertible pick up truck

It’s a shame because the sort of retro-styled truck drove a lot better than it looked. A comfortable interior sat on top of a 300hp V8 engine that made the pick-up more than a little bit nippy. Regardless of its practicality, it is hard to get used to the curved front of the SSR, making it look like someone glued the front of a Volkswagen Beetle to a truck.

If you were worried about not standing out enough, the Chevrolet SSR was available in a metallic violet coloured paint. Snazzy!


2. Nissan Cube


Bizarrely not the strangest looking Nissan on our list. The aptly named Nissan Cube was produced for more than 20 years before it was discontinued in 2019. Not bad for a car that looks like someone stuck four wheels and an engine on, well, a cube.

Nissan Cube. Literally a cube on wheels

It is probably unsurprising that a car that looks so ridiculous actually drives quite well. Otherwise, what else would it be good for? That explains its three generations and two decade life span. The Nissan Cube was a reliable little runabout that offered quite a large and clear interior.

The weirdness of the Cube’s exterior does make its way in to the inside of the car. A small circular rug is featured on top of the dashboard – why I hear you ask? Well your guess is as good as ours. A rippled roofline is just another odd quirky feature that Nissan have thrown in for good measure.


3. Hyundai Tiburon


Possibly the one model that can feel hard done to by being included on this list. But we can’t look past the odd number of headlights that make the RD2 version (1999-2001) look like a spider.

We have to give Hyundai some credit here. The other versions of the Tiburon don’t look quite as bad, as the spider headlights were quickly ditched.

Hyundai Tiburon spider headlights

Aside from that it doesn’t actually look that awful. A regular sporty look is complimented by a smooth body and low roofline. Users of the Tiburon RD2 also note its reliability, with some going strong even after clocking over 240,000 miles.

It wouldn’t be fair to slander Hyundai after one bad run. As we said they quickly rectified the headlights problem and have since gone on to produce some great looking cars.


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4. Plymouth Prowler


Now if you’re dressing as Wacky Races’ Dick Dastardly for Halloween and need a car to match the outfit, look no further than the Plymouth Prowler.

For anyone else, the Prowler, designed by Chrysler engineers, was not entirely desirable.

Inspired by hot rods from the 1930s, the open front wheels look like something from an IndyCar race. Those wheels, alongside a v-shaped front end, make the Prowler seem so out of place on the roads.

We can’t possibly talk about this car without mentioning its most defining odd feature – the bumpers. Front and rear bumpers both protrude from the body of the car and look like an afterthought from the designers.

It doesn’t disappoint as a sports car though, with some later models reaching 60mph from standstill in less than six seconds. It just doesn’t need to look so much like a strange race car.

Purple Plymouth Prowler. Like something from Wacky Races.

5. Chrysler PT Cruiser


What makes the weird looking PT Cruiser even weirder, is that it was quite a popular model when it was first released in 2000. But since the retro car design died down, so did the PT Cruiser – and it has definitely not stood the test of time.

It’s oddly large and box-like body is overshadowed by the elongated, almost v-shaped, front of the car. Almost like someone took the front end of the Prowler before it and stretched it in every direction. Different coloured plastic bumpers at the front and rear of the PT Cruiser don’t do its aesthetics any favours.

Red Chrysler PT Cruiser

6. Suzuki X-90


Yes, we’re sure this isn’t a large toy car like the ones you find outside a supermarket. It is actually a real car that was produced by a real manufacturer.

It looks like someone has taken any other T-top roofed car and squished it into one odd shaped Suzuki.

The T-top roof makes it even stranger as it would suggest you can have a lot of fun in the X-90. You could have some, but it would take just over 14 seconds to feel any of that fun as it slowly trickles up to 60mph.

Suzuki X-90. Looks like a toy car.

7. Nissan S-Cargo


At first we assumed that Nissan designed the S-Cargo to make the Popemobile more accessible to electricians. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find its an even weirder story that this hideous car owes its design to.

It so happens that Nissan wanted to produce a small cargo van, and creatively came up with the name, S-Cargo. Pronounced like the French word escargot, which means snail in English – Nissan decided to use this quirky play on words and voila. The world’s first (and to our knowledge, only) intentional snail looking car.

In case you were wondering, the engine does match the design. Producing a meagre 75hp, the S-Cargo really goes at a snail’s pace.

Nissan S-Cargo could be mistaken for the Popemobile.

Considering they have already featured twice on our list of the ugliest cars ever made, you might be forgiven for being put off of buying a Nissan. However they have since redeemed themselves with models like the GT-R and the Qashqai.


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8. Bufori Geneva

Gold Bufori Geneva. Luxurious, classy, ugly.

The only car on our list still being produced. The Bufori Geneva is produced for premium customers only. One of which is the Monopoly man.

Granted, from the front it looks reasonably luxurious and classy. That would be great if Bufori had remembered to do the same for the rear – which looks like its designers neglected and just stuck the front of a 1999 Jaguar S-Type to the back of their Geneva.

Thankfully, at a premium six-figure cost we will never have to worry about driving one.


9. Pontiac Aztek


Sorry Walter White but the Pontiac Aztek is a very ugly car, especially its earlier editions.

The horrible looking grey plastic cladding that features all the way around the bottom of the car is one of its worst features (and painting over it in later models doesn’t exactly solve that issue). The exposed fuel door is as ugly as it is worrying, and the strange rear window that features an unnecessary bar across the centre is difficult to see out the back of.

Red Pontiac Aztek. Car from Breaking Bad TV series.

The later Aztek’s do have one redeeming feature though: A tent. Yes you could get the Pontiac Aztek with an included tent that hung out of the boot, complete with an awning. We don’t remember that quirky feature being utilised during Breaking Bad.

Even Breaking Bad couldn't spare the Pontiac Aztek from being omitted from our ugly cars list

10. Fiat Multipla


There’s an age-old jokey acronym for Fiat that’s branded about among car enthusiasts and the auto industry in general. That is: Fix It Again Tony.

Now we don’t claim for one second to know the internal affairs of Fiat’s design HQ. But it wouldn’t be completely ludicrous to guess that this acronym came about from a curse said during one of several meetings about signing off the Fiat Multipla’s design. How many times did they have to tell the hypothetical designer (Tony) to fix the look of this hideous car before putting it out for production?

Not a lot is our bet, as it’s still made our list of the 10 ugliest cars ever made. If we were swapping the entire meaning of the superlative ‘best’ to mean ‘ugly as sin’, then we’re definitely saving the best ’til last.

Much like a few of the cars on this list, the Multipla actually drove quite nicely and included some incredibly practical features. But it is little wonder why Fiat decided to give it a much needed facelift in 2004.

Fiat Multipla. One of the ugliest cars ever made.

Fortunately, the Multipla was merely a blip on Fiat’s record. The Italian manufacturers have since produced some great cars, including the Panda, and the incredibly popular Fiat 500.


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