8 Motor Movie Stars Who Can’t Afford Their Cars

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How much should you spend on a car? It’s recommended to pay 15-20% of your salary on a new motor, plus extras like insurance and maintenance. We compared the salaries of popular film characters to see how they’d manage if they were to do the same and pay off their car in 1 year.

Our research reveals that this cost-savvy approach simply wouldn’t work in fiction. Explore our findings below to see the 8 motor movie stars who couldn’t afford their cars. We also spoke to expert Ron Hay, President & CEO of Mod Bargains to see how much their performance mods would cost.

Top findings

  • It would take Bond 153 years to afford a new Aston Martin DB5
  • Batman has the highest insurance policy at £20k per year
  • Dr. Emmett Brown is the thriftiest, paying the DeLorean off in 1 year 
  • Dominic Toretto’s performance mods would set him back £220k
  • Only 1% of the UK could afford a movie character’s car

Batman has the highest insurance policy at £20k per year

Not only do film stars have to fork out high prices for their movie motors, but their insurance is extortionate, too. With his prestigious and pricey Batmobile, Batman’s premium is the highest at £20k, which is 42 times more than the average UK policy

See our analysis of more film characters and compare how they rank for insurance costs.

  1. Batman, The Batman – £20,361 
  2. James Bond, No Time to Die – £6,626
  3. Driver, Drive – £3,727
  4. Baby, Baby Driver – £3,626
  5. Max Rockatansky, Mad Max – £3,297
  6. Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future – £2,534
  7. Dominic Toretto, F9 – £1,151
  8. K/Joe, Blade Runner 2049 – £1,022

8 film characters who couldn’t afford their cars

It would take Bond 153 years to save up for an Aston Martin DB5

When using the 15% rule, it would take even the richest film characters years to save up for their favourite car. With his high-priced DB5, Bond would take the longest – it would be almost 500 years before he could economically afford it.

At the thriftier end, Back to the Future’s Dr. Emmett Brown would take the least amount of time to save. As a well-paid scientist who chose a cheaper DeLorean, Doc would only need a year before he could buy his time machine motor outright.

James Bond would need to earn £6.8 million to afford a new Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5 price: £1 million

Bond’s annual insurance: £6.6k

The latest Bond instalment No Time to Die will feature four Aston Martins – the Valhalla, the DBS Superleggera, the V8 and the DB5. Mod expert Ron Hays says the classic DB5 is ‘at least a £1 million build. There is no way that old car can perform any of the stunts performed by Bond.

‘In order to do so, the car would be completely made from scratch. A special chassis made of carbon fiber would be used to keep the car lightweight (2,200 lbs, about half the weight of a modern day car). The suspension would be changed from a live axle to a completely modern day suspension, plus the motor increased in power from its 4-cylinder to a V6.

‘The only original part on the car is the shell for the appearance, giving this specially-built car an approximate cost of £1 million, not including the fancy missiles and specially fitted 007 gadgets!’

According to a recent MI6 job ad, an Intelligence Officer will earn just less than £45k. So, if Bond wanted to buy his beloved DB5, it would take 153 years to save up, if putting away 15% of his salary. Hopefully, MI6 will foot the bill – especially with his insurance costing £6.6k.The No Time to Die trailer also reveals Bond’s DB5 scratched and shot at, which could be another £45k in repair costs.

Batman’s £752k salary isn’t enough for the Batmobile

Batmobile price: £1.7 million

Batman’s annual insurance: £20k

As the CEO of Bruce Wayne Enterprises, Batman earns £752k per year, according to a recent study. In the upcoming 2022 film The Batman, he’s swapped the Tumbler for a futuristic car that looks like a cross between a Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang.Since the original Batmobile, a modified Lincoln Futura also by Ford cost £183k to build in 1954 – that’s £1.7 million adjusted for today – Batman would need to earn £11.8 million if he wanted to comfortably afford it paying 15% per month, plus his £20k insurance premium. Alternatively, Batman could save for 16 years to buy the Batmobile outright.

K/Joe from Blade Runner 2049 would need to save for 11 years to buy a Spinner

Spinner price: £71k

K/Joe’s annual insurance: £1k

Spinners – the flying cars from the Blade Runner films – don’t come cheap, not even for police officer K, nicknamed Joe, whose own spinner is Peugeot-branded in Blade Runner 2049. While we don’t know how much the futuristic car would cost, if we compare it to Peugeot’s latest innovation, the e-Legend, it would be around £71k to purchase and £1k to insure. Joe would need to save for 11 years on his £43k policeman salary to drive it.

Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger is more affordable, but speed mods cost £220k

Dodge Charger 500 price: £38k

Dominic Toretto’s annual insurance: £1k

Professional speed racers are said to earn £145k, which means Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious Franchise would only need to save for 2 years to buy his F9 Dodge Charger for £38k. However, that’s just if he wanted to buy the car and pay for his £1k insurance.

Ron Hay says, ‘Toretto would have sent his 1970 Dodge Charger to a Resto Mod shop that removed every part, redid the chassis, plus a full motor build, full drivetrain, body tub, custom wheels and slick tyres. This would be approximately 2-3 years of labour at a cost of £183-£220k for a 900HP straightline beast that can do a quarter of a mile in 9 seconds.’ Of course, if Toretto does it himself, it would be less!

Mad Max would need to save for 6 years for his Ford Falcon XB

Ford Falcon XB price: £33k

Max Rockatansky’s annual insurance: £3k

Max Rockatansky of Mad Max drives the Interceptor, a Ford Falcon XB that costs around £33k to buy outright. Before leaving the Main Force Patrol, officer Max would have earned around £43k, meaning it would take around 6 years of saving before he could drive and insure his yellow motor.

Baby Driver star’s Subaru Impreza costs £5.8k in stunt mods

Subaru Impreza price: £30k

Baby’s annual insurance: £3.6k

After leaving behind a life of crime, ex-getaway driver Baby would be earning around £17k a year while delivering pizzas. But if the Baby Driver character wanted to buy a new Subaru Impreza for £30k, his choice of car in the film, he’d need to save for 14 years before he could afford it, plus pay his £3.6k insurance, which is likely higher as a young driver.

That’s not to mention the price of his performance mods. Ron Hay explains, ‘This seemingly factory-looking vehicle has a lot of other hidden modifications to help it perform – mostly rally spec suspension modification with very little power added. This would cost approximately £5.8k in modifications for a car that is about 300HP but, if in the right hands of a skilled driver, can do some incredible stunts.’

Dr. Emmett Brown is the thriftiest film character, buying the DeLorean in 1 year

DeLorean price: £29k 

Dr. Emmett Brown’s annual insurance: £2.5k

With a high salary and a cheaper car, Back to the Future’s Dr. Emmett Brown is the most cost-savvy star. As a scientist, Doc will earn around £152k, but his DeLorean is only £30k to buy. Even with his £2.5k insurance policy, Doc would be able to save up enough to buy his time machine in just 1 year.

Drive star has the cheapest car – but only 1% of the UK could afford it

Chevrolet Malibu price: £27k

Driver’s annual insurance: £3.7k

Opting for a Chevrolet Malibu, the unnamed Driver from Drive has the cheapest car in all movies analysed, costing £27k to buy and £3.7k to insure. As a mechanic, the driver can probably complete any repairs himself, so at least his maintenance costs would be low.

However, like all cars in our study, only 1% of the UK would be able to buy the Chevy, if you put 15% of your income towards it for 1 year. Instead, like the unnamed driver, you’d have to save up – it would take him around 4 years to buy it outright.

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We compared multiple sources to create character profiles, their salary data and car buying costs. Where the character is not from the UK, their salary has been analysed from their respective country and converted to GBP using live rates from XE.com.

Insurance quotes were created through Compare the Market by using the fictional profile and an average policy price recorded. For all characters, where an element of the profile could not be exact from a reputable source, the closest match has been provided. All data collected in January 2021.