Volkswagen ID. 3 Sets Electric Car Record

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Not many ‘mass market’ electric cars set range records, but the Volkswagen ID. 3 – deliveries of which are due to begin next month – has travelled 329.9 miles on a single charge.

The journey from Zwickau, Germany to Chaffhausen, Switzerland, exceeded the car’s current WLTP real range estimate of 420 kilometres (260.9 miles) by 111 kilometres (68.9 miles).

Tesla and Hyundai are currently leading the market, producing electric cars with impressive ranges between 250-350 miles. However, only the latter charge a price which can be deemed ‘sensible’ to those people wanting an affordable entry into the all-electric market. For example, the base Kona model (39kWh battery) is priced at £25,995 with the government’s £2,500 plug-in car grant taken into consideration.

Volkswagen ID. 3 range

Will the Volkswagen ID.3 range record benefit buyers?

We wouldn’t be too quick to interpret the 329.9-mile range as a reflection of real-world driving. In fact, the test itself was carried out by a “hypermiler” (someone who demonstrates the range possibilities of a given EV) called Felix Egolf, although we can assure you it wasn’t the e-Golf being tested!

In order to ensure that the Volkswagen ID.3 range was as high as possible on a single charge, Mr. Egolf took some rather efficient measures behind the wheel. This included the following:

  • Using the slipstream of trucks travelling in front of him while driving on the highway.
  • The average speed was kept at 56km/h (34.7mph).
  • Regularly lifting off the accelerator and letting the car coast in order to recoup energy.
  • Power consumption was reduced from other parts of the Volkswagen ID. 3 (i.e. navigation, radio, daytime running lights and ventilation).

Of course if you’re considering getting yourself an ID. 3, or have ordered one already, then the 260.9-mile range originally quoted is a more realistic expectation of performance.

Real users of the ID.3 are likely going to take shorter journeys while using all of the car’s onboard gadgets that make use of its electric power train. On top of this, the average speed is likely to be higher and energy-efficient behaviours such as coasting are unlikely going to be used as often as they were in this test.

Watch the short movie below showing the record-breaking test drive if you want to find out more.


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