Top 6 Facts About Tesla’s Cybertruck

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Tesla Cybertruck
The Cybertruck will revolutionise the growing pickup market. Copright © Tesla 2019.

Tesla‘s announcement that it will begin production of an EV (Electric Vehicle) Cybertruck in 2021 has prompted many questions from car fanatics and tech-heads alike. Its likeness to a ‘Spinner’ vehicle from Blade Runner has already divided opinion, but will these top 7 facts make it your ideal next car?

1. First Ever Tri Motor

The flagship option when it comes to configuring your new six-seater Cybertruck is an AWD (all-wheel drive) Tri Motor powering it along.

No other manufacturer has dared include three motors inside any EV model, although Nissan recently announced it would take a half-step in the right direction with a dual-motor for its next generation zero-emission car based on the Leaf. However, Tesla isn’t like any other brand on the market, which is emphasised given that the only other dual-motor EV available is its flagship Model 3.

So, what are the different versions of this futuristic pickup? And what does each of them do on paper?

In its most basic form, the Cybertruck will set you back by just over £31,000. Otherwise, the all-singing all-dancing version will hit the market at a hefty £54,300. Tesla hasn’t revealed the cost of the mid-level variant, but you can expect it to sit somewhere between these two.

2. Self-driving technology will soon be autonomous

The whole range of new Tesla models is now equipped with a custom chip which gives them self-driving capabilities.

These features currently reflect the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) found on other advanced vehicles, such as emergency braking when pedestrians are detected and intelligent cruise control which keeps you at a safe distance from the car ahead at varying speeds. However, the manufacturer points out that spending the extra £5,800 it takes to install the “full self-driving” technology now will let you benefit from automatic updates to the system over time. The end goal of this is full autonomous driving vehicles.

3. Military exoskeleton design

If you thought that triple the power and a huge leap towards autonomous driving was all Tesla’s Cybertruck had to offer, you’d be far from right.

Simply looking at the sharp contours of this motor screams defiance, innovation and a brash toughness. Its similarities to a vehicle you’d see in a warzone are confirmed when you delve into its structure.

Unlike most modern cars which are built using a chassis as the main frame, the punk approach to manufacturing by Tesla has meant that the Cybertruck has a tougher “exoskeleton” body.

The exoskeleton is made up of the following:

  • 30x cold-rolled stainless steel skin – this monochrome shell helps eliminate dents, damage and long-term corrosion.

  • Armour glass – polymer-layered composite which can absorb and redirect impact force for damage tolerance. It’s not quite bulletproof, but a blow from a hammer cracked the glass but didn’t put it through.

4. Mind-blowing practicality

There’s a reason why the world’s leading manufacturers such as Ford have followed in the footsteps of Tesla in simplifying its range. The high demand of the SUV and pickup market has led to them cutting down production of more executive models to stay in tune with making more practical models.

The Cybertruck is a game-changer in this respect. Just like its appearance, the statistics highlighting its practical capabilities will have you raising your eyebrows just as high.

Here are a few of the key figures just to whet your appetite:

  • Can carry 3,500lbs (1,588kg) of weight.

  • It has 2,832 litres of exterior storage in the underbed, frunk and sail pillars, all of which is lockable.

  • Towing capacity of more than 14,000lbs (6,350kg) in its flagship model and an ability to pull infinite mass.

5. Largest infotainment system…still

As seen in the Model S and Model X vehicles in Tesla’s existing line-up, the benchmark has been set with a whopping 17″ infotainment screen.

It makes its appearance again in this vastly different production, albeit going horizontally along the dashboard as opposed to vertical like in the other two.

Although exact details of the system haven’t been confirmed yet, we would expect that its features would be identical to that found in existing models.

The latest software features include the following:

  • Smart Summon which lets you move the car in and out of parking spaces using your smartphone. Remember you’ll need a full self-driving model or Autopilot Enhanced to do this.

  • Car-aoke features covers of classic tracks with singalong lyrics displayed.

  • Full climate control function through the touchscreen. This can be made automatic or speed, direction and temperature can be adjusted manually.

  • Netflix and YouTube streaming while you’re on the move (for the passengers, not the driver!)

6. You can heat the steel body to turn any colour

Worried about having to pay a ludicrous amount of cash to get the Cybertruck in the colour you want? Well, Tesla CEO and Design Chief Elon Musk has put these fears to bed after confirming the cold-rolled steel body of beefy EV could be heated from the outside to get some pretty cool colours.

At the moment it’s unclear whether this change has to be done by future Cybertruck owners who want to mod their car. However, the disruptive nature of the company’s work could mean that it develop its own solution that enables the car to do it itself. Alternatively, you could just use the ‘Not A Flamethrower’ from Musk’s other venture, The Boring Company (if you can get your hands on one, that is).

Although the Tesla Cybertruck won’t be available until 2021, you can still find lease deals on the latest Tesla range with Moneyshake leasing.

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