Dyson’s Cancelled Electric Car Revealed

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It was back in October 2019 when renowned British inventor James Dyson confirmed that we wouldn’t get to see its Tesla-beating electric car.

Dyson’s statement at the time was that “this isn’t a product failure”, but details of a prototype didn’t follow. However, the man who brought us the first bagless vacuum cleaner has shed light on what would have been an EV record-breaker, and how it cost him £500M of his own money.

Dyson car
Credit: The Times

Dyson electric car highlights

Dyson’s electric vehicle is an SUV which resembles a modern Range Rover from the outside. The only key difference is that it has mammoth dimensions to support seven seats and would have set you back at least £75,000.

But what else do we know about this potential game changer? Here’s what Dyson revealed about the ditched EV in an interview after being named the UK’s richest man.

600-mile range

For those of you suffering with ‘range anxiety’, the Dyson EV’s 600-mile real-world range would have been music to your ears.

It’s all thanks to the company’s work with solid-state battery developers Sakti3 to produce more energy-dense batteries for vacuums and EVs. The result is double the performance of the most superior lithium-ion units out there, which is due to the more efficient and compact cells.

Only the second-generation Tesla Roadster, which is due to be launched this year, would challenge those figures. With a WLTP range of 600 miles too, it looks as though dominance in the electric car market still lies with the those across the pond.

0-62mph in 4.8 seconds

It’s no secret that electric cars can accelerate quick, thanks to huge levels of torque being produced across the entire RPM range of the motors that power them.

But Dyson still managed to raise eyebrows when he quoted just how quick this goliath of a vehicle could be pushed.

Accelerator to the floor, this 2.6-tonne vehicle can reach 62mph in just 4.8 seconds. That’s almost half a second faster than the Audi E-Tron, which is half a tonne lighter and much smaller in stature.

The source of all this power? Twin 200kW electric motors producing a whopping 536bhp. They’re also what give the car its quoted top speed of 125mph, which is good going for any SUV.

Five metres long, two metres wide

Just like the Audi Q7, the Dyson EV is built on longer and wider dimensions than most. A big reason for this is so that the two extra seats in the back can be just as comfortable and spacious as the three in the middle row.

There’s slightly less headspace (41mm) in the Dyson, but unless you’re super tall then the 1.7-metre height of the vehicle and tall roofline won’t cause you many problems.

Buttonless dashboard with head-up display

Any glimpse into the future of car interiors will often show you a clean, minimalist cockpit. No fiddly dials or buttons to distract you from the road ahead – not even those found conveniently on the steering wheel, a sight so common in modern vehicles.

It seems only fitting then that Dyson’s innovative automotive team used hologram-like technology to create a head-up display for its electric car. Although we haven’t seen a demonstration of the tech being used, one can imagine that key driver information such as speed, battery life and vehicle diagnostics would shown in your line of vision.

Beyond this, any autonomous safety features and built-in navigation the vehicle has (though these weren’t revealed by Dyson) would also likely be shown working on this futuristic projection.

What next for Dyson?

Even though plans for the “N526” (the internal codename given for the EV) didn’t come to fruition, Dyson has plans for the team who were behind it.

Alternative roles have been created in the company and various other projects unrelated to cars are said to be underway. What’s more is that James Dyson said that he would be open to allowing manufacturers of electric cars to use his company’s solid-state batteries. So, we could see a rapid increase in the capacity of new EVs to go further on a single charge.

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