Christmas Special: 4 Cars Santa Would Drive And Why

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Santa travels 41 million miles on Christmas Eve alone to ensure your presents are under the tree the very next day, according to a scientific study. His sleigh has enough room (and ‘va va voom’) to deliver Xmas on time consistently, but what cars would he resort to if it were out of action and taking to the road was the only other option?

Moneyshake has its say on what festive holiday horsepower would get the job done.

Don’t agree with our choices? No problem! You can use our poll to have your own say on which car you think would be Santa’s go-to choice for spreading Christmas cheer this year.

1. Audi RS 6 Avant

What car would Santa drive - Audi RS 6 Avant

The RS 6 Avant is by far the most superior model in the brand’s RS sport performance range, manufactured by high-performance arm Audi AG. But what is it about the car that means that it makes our list of Santa-friendly motors?

We’ll tell you…

It’s super quick

With 591bhp, a 0-62mph sprint time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 155mph, why would Santa need Rudolph and the other reindeer pulling him along?

The RS 6 Avant doesn’t just have the power of advantage either that will help the big man in red cover all that ground in the space of just 24 hours. He’ll also be shifting through the gears using Audi’s premium 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox (standard on all trims) too. It’s very quick to respond and allows the car to have plenty of oomph across the rev range.

No amount of ho-ho-horsepower in such a practical car could get near it!

It’s very practical

Boot space is going to be a number one consideration for Mr. Claus if he’s going to be carrying tonnes of presents. Luckily, the RS 6 Avant doesn’t disappoint in this department either.

A big 565-litre boot is what’s on offer when all seats are in place. However, because it’s unlikely Santa will be bringing any of his elves (or Mrs. Claus) along for the journey, he’ll be able to drop the back seats to create a whopping 1,680-litre loading area in the cargo.

There aren’t many premium estate cars (other than the Mercedes’ E63 Estate, which has 130 litres more room in the boot) that has this sheer amount of space in the back. The reason we’ve gone for the Audi over the Mercedes becomes clearer when we delve into the other reasons for choosing it below.

It’s red

What car would Santa drive - Audi RS 6 Avant 1

Just like Santa’s sleigh (and his attire) the Audi RS 6 Avant is available in red, at no extra cost too!

The ‘Tango Red’ metallic paint (shown in the image above) certainly gives the vehicle a Christmas-ey feel. To really give the car a sleigh-ride ambience, red brake callipers can be added as an option, but Santa may have to sell some of your Christmas presents in order to afford them, because they’re a £520 extra.

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2. Tesla Model X Long Range Plus

what car would santa drive - Model X

A seven-seater luxury EV with bucketloads of space inside, an efficient drivetrain and what can give it some welly when you put your foot down would tick all the boxes if you’ve got an around-the-world expedition to deliver all the globe’s households’ presents in just a day.

Let’s look a bit more into why we think Tesla’s flagship family car has the pedigree to perform as Santa’s low-emission sleigh this Christmas Eve.

Access to Tesla’s vast supercharger network

Tesla Supercharger station

According to the latest figures from Tesla there’s currently more than 20,000 Superchargers across Europe, North America and Asia.

Using one of these superchargers will deliver an 80% charge in just 40 minutes, which ensures the fuelling pitstops round the planet to deliver Christmas don’t set back the progress of this mission too much.

A real-world range of 299 miles

Tesla are renowned for producing EVs that have the longest range in the market – the Model X is no exception from this either. After real-world tests it was confirmed that the car has a 299-mile range.

Of course, Santa would need to plan his journey so that every 280-90 miles he lands at a supercharger for a top-up to keep him on the road. However, it’s free to charge and is the quickest you’ll find in any electric car, so Mr. Claus will be on the move with your goodies before you know it.

All-wheel drive

The Model X has brilliant traction in even the worst of the wintery weather, with many videos online showing it coping in deep snow. The sophisticated system uses dual motors with independent traction for the front and rear wheels.

Santa will be rubbing his hands together, even if it’s a sub-zero Christmas Eve because he’ll be able to grip the turf like there’s no tomorrow.

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3. Nissan Navara

Cars santa would drive - Navara

Santa in a pickup truck? Nothing would stop him on his rounds! These models are the epitome of practicality, road dominance and, if you pick a top-spec trim, you’ll be treated to some luxury cabin touches.

Find out why the Nissan Navara makes our top 5 cars that Santa should use to deliver presents.

Roof rails can be used for extra storage

As well as the Navara’s Double Cab 1,537mm load bay at the back of the truck, roof rails are added to the two top-of-the-range Tekna and N-Guard trims. Plenty of room to fit a (ahem) truckload of gifts in the back!

Roof boxes with as much as 580 litres capacity can be added on top of the Navara which will massively increase the amount of space Santa has for prezzies.

A towing capacity of 3,500kg

Cars santa would drive - Nissan Navara

Should Santa’s workload be through the roof this season and he’s inundated with orders, there’s plenty of flexibility for it to carry shed loads more festive knick-knacks due to it having a towing capacity of 3,500kg. That’s equivalent to a large trailer or even a van!

Nissan’s Trailer Sway Assist helps with enhancing the towing experience too, namely by electronically controlling wheel slip to prevent trailer movement before there’s an accident.

With four-wheel drive at play in all the Navara’s engines too, this pickup is a born off-roader that will let Santa plough through whatever Aomori City in Japan (officially the snowiest place on earth) has to throw at him.

NissanConnect sat nav

Although you may think a sat nav is a thing of the past (as smartphone integration systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now the staple), the Navara has both available through the brand’s top NissanConnect system.

Now, you may be wondering why Santa, who has been delivering gifts for as far back as we can all remember, would need any form of directions. It’s in his nature, right?

Well, we’re not claiming to know all about the technical spec of Santa’s sleigh – we’re car experts, not mysterious figures’ modes of transport. However, we’re damn well certain the large 8” display showing maps locally and worldwide will help Father Christmas find his way around the blocks to deliver everything on time.

4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

cars santa would drive - Merc Sprinter

The ultimate gargantuan courier’s van.

Since the mid-90s the Sprinter has been a multiple winner of the International Van of The Year Award – an accolade befitting a vehicle that will be tasked with holding and transporting the Earth’s supply of Christmas wonders in a single day.

Delving a little deeper into what makes this van so qualified for the job…

Massive load space and payload

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with van terminology, there are two different types of measurements determining its practicality – load space and payload.

Load space is measured in litres or square metres and refers to the area of free room in the back of a van. On the other hand, the payload is the maximum weight it can handle, including passengers.

Why are we telling you this? Well, if Santa is going to be ‘Vanta’, then both the load space and payload would need to be up there with the best.

The Merc’s ‘Progressive’ and ‘Premium’ trims are the best in the business, with a load space of up to an incredible 17,000 litres and payload of a whopping 2,253kg.

Parking package on high-spec models

Premium variations of the Sprinter come as standard with a reversing camera and integral parking assist feature that’s bound to come in handy when Santa has to manoeuvre this near-six-metre-long, 2.7-metre-tall behemoth motor.

Unlike in the movies and popular literature where Santa gains access to our homes by landing on our roof and coming down the chimney with a sack of presents, the Sprinter unfortunately doesn’t fly (plus its 2.7-tonne weight won’t hold on a roof). So, Father Christmas would need to take the old-fashioned route and park up outside before making his way up and down the chimney.

Mercedes reliability

cars sants would drive - mercedes-benz badge

If there’s any trait Santa needs in a vehicle that’s about to undergo a voyage around the world, it’s reliability. German manufacturers are famously renowned for being the best in the field at engineering motors.

Don’t just take out word for it though! In 2020 Mercedes topped the chart as the manufacturer with the highest reliability rating. That’s no easy feat and for that reason, plus the van’s huge bonus points for practicality, it makes our list of Mr. Claus’ cars.

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