What Does The New COVID Roadmap Mean For UK Drivers?

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digital covid roadmap pictured

It appears that the end of the COVID nightmare of the last 12 months is in sight. An announcement from the UK Government on Monday night set out a COVID roadmap intended as an exit route out of the current pandemic and back to normality.

For a lot of motorists, Monday 12th April is the date to look forward to. With driving tests and theory tests set to begin, and car showrooms opening on the same day.

There is still a lot left unclear however, and while we can’t claim to be the authoritative figure on the ending of lockdown – we can try and clear some things up for those activities that still sit in a bit of a grey area.


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When can I buy a car again?


The good news is that you can currently buy a car right now even under the current restrictions. There are some slight caveats, but nothing that will cause too much of a problem.

Car showrooms are not considered essential and are therefore still closed for now. However, they are open for click-and-collect orders, and they are also able to offer contactless delivery on their cars. So if you are desperate for a new set of wheels, there is nothing stopping you from safely buying some.


Can I still lease a car during the current restrictions?


The same goes for leasing. As is the case with buying, you can still lease a new car, providing you do so through click-and-collect, or you can sit back and have it delivered for free through Moneyshake.

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When can car showrooms open?


If the Government’s four key indicators continue to go as planned, non-essential retail stores will be allowed to re-open from Monday 12th April. This includes car showrooms.

So from the 12th April you will be allowed to visit car showrooms to get a feel for your next car, but restrictions will still apply in store. You are only permitted to visit these stores alone, or with someone from the same household.

It is possible that the showrooms will require you to wear a mask during your visit, and maintain social distancing at all times. This is likely to be the case in every indoor public setting until the restrictions are fully relaxed in June.


PSA Virtual Showroom


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When can I take my driving test?


Using the new COVID roadmap, driving tests and theory tests will be allowed to go ahead from Monday 12th April.

The Government announced that “activities such as driving tests may also resume” from Step 2 of their roadmap, which is currently set to start on the 12th. This is subject to change however depending on the status of the pandemic across the UK.


With a provisional date now set, you can book your driving test and theory test.

Don’t sit and wait though – check out our seven expert tips to pass your driving test and take away any risk of going into the Autumn without your license.


What measures are driving test centres taking to prevent COVID-19?


As you might expect, there will be some measures in place to prevent the risk of transmission during your driving test or theory test. These include:

  • Wearing a mask at all times (unless medically exempt)
  • Maintain social distancing at all times where possible
  • Sanitise hands upon entry to the test centre
  • Touchpoints in both the centre and the car you are taking your test in will be regularly cleaned
  • If you are taking the test in your own car, you will be required to clean touchpoints before arriving for your test

When can I resume my driving lessons?

driving lesson taking place

If you are booking your driving test close to the 12th April, you will be wondering how soon you can start learning again.

Under the last lockdown restrictions you were allowed to continue lessons two weeks before test centres re-opened. But with restrictions much tighter this time around, it is unlikely to follow the same process, and you will have to wait until the 12th April before you can start learning again.

We recommend booking a test later to allow enough time for you to get back up to speed.


Have the restrictions on driving changed?


For the time being, the Government are urging everybody to stay home where possible. Therefore, driving is still only allowed if you are travelling for one of the following reasons:

  • Driving to work
  • Essential shopping
  • Caring for a vulnerable person
  • Short trips for exercise

This changes on Monday 29th March where a number of restrictions will be eased – including outdoor sport and leisure facilities, and organised outdoor sport. However the Government still ask that you minimise travel.

outdoor activities allowed soon including golf

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