Have Driving Tests Been Cancelled?

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Learning to drive in preparation to take your practical driving test is a difficult task at any given time. However, the coronavirus outbreak has added even more frustration to the process by causing a three-month suspension of all tests booked after 20 March 2020.

If you’re a key worker who needs access to a car to get to and from work then you can still apply for an emergency test. But what should you do if your original test has been cancelled?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about driving tests during the coronavirus pandemic.

My driving test has been cancelled. What happens next?

If your driving test has been cancelled, then it will be rebooked for you on a separate date.

You’ll get an email with the date and time of the new test around two weeks before the original date of the original one.

The government has stated that the new driving test could be around three months later than the one you had booked before it, mainly due to the uncertainty surrounding the timeline of the current lockdown restrictions.

Other types of tests

While car driving tests scheduled for a date during the coronavirus outbreak are automatically being rebooked, this isn’t the case for other types of tests.

If you had a motorcycle, bus, lorry, tractor or approved driving instructor (ADI) test it won’t be rebooked. Instead, you’ll be given a full refund and have to book your test again once restrictions have been lifted.

Can I cancel my driving test?

Yes, you don’t have to follow through with the rebooking of the test that is given to you if you want a refund instead.

You’ll have to request to cancel any driving test by emailing the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on customerservices@dvsa.org.uk.

When requesting to cancel your test, remember to include your full name and any two of these pieces of information:

  • Your driving licence number.
  • Your driving test booking reference.
  • Your theory test pass certificate.

Booking a future driving test

Due to a large number of driving tests being cancelled and rebooked to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the government has ruled that no new tests can be booked.

Once driving test centres open fully, those which have been cancelled will be given priority.

These rules won’t apply if you’re a key worker and you’ll be able to apply for an emergency driving test so that you can get to and from your workplace.

Booking an emergency driving test

If your job has been classed as essential to tackling the coronavirus (e.g. NHS employees, care workers, food and medicine services) then emergency driving tests have been put in place to ensure you can still get to work and carry out your duties.

You can apply online now for one of these emergency tests, but you must be ready to take it at short notice, so be sure to have passed your theory test within the last two years. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to apply for your practical test.

As well as your driving licence number, you’ll need a copy or scanned version of one of these documents:

  • A work ID badge.
  • An email to your work address from your employer which proves you work for them.
  • A letter from your employer, proving you work for them.

Can I extend my theory test?

Unfortunately you can’t legally extend your driving theory test. However, your certificate for the theory side will be valid for two years once you’ve passed. So, as long as you apply for your driving test within this window then you won’t have to worry about rebooking and paying for another test for the future.

Theory tests have been suspended until 8 May 2020 because of coronavirus, with new bookings being accepted from 9 May 2020 onwards.

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