Geneva Motorshow Cancelled And Put Up For Sale

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The world’s biggest annual car event, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), has been scrapped for 2021 and will be sold.

Manufacturers surveyed said they would prefer to showcase their vehicles at the 2022 edition of GIMS. This comes after months of increasing uncertainty has hit the car industry as a result of the coronavirus.

On top of this, event organisers are in huge doubt about whether the current health situation would allow it to go ahead. Current social distancing rules would make it very difficult to accommodate for the crowds of more than 600,000 car fanatics and journalists alike.

What does the future hold for GIMS?

In March 2020 it was announced that this year’s version of the GIMS would be cancelled.

The Committee and Council of the Foundation “Salon International de l’Automobile” behind the show immediately sought financial support from the Geneva government to cover the losses. Around 11 million Swiss francs (£9.3M) was lost in total.

A loan was approved for 16.8 million Swiss francs (£14.2M) to go towards cancellation losses and preparing the 2021 edition. However, the terms meant that a repayment of one million Swiss francs was needed by June 2021 and an event must also go ahead. It was decided then that the loan wouldn’t be accepted.

The show will now be sold to Palexpo SA, a convention centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

A statement from the GIMS official website said: “The aim is to find a solution that will ensure the regular organization of an International Motor Show in Geneva.

“The purchase of the assets would transfer all rights to the organisation of GIMS to Palexpo SA. As a reminder, GIMS is the largest public event in Switzerland. Its economic impact on the canton of Geneva is estimated at some CHF 200 million per year.”

After this announcement the pressure will now likely be on other international motor shows as to whether they can go ahead.

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