Coronavirus Update

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There’s a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment across all industries as a result of the coronavirus.

However, the Moneyshake Team want to reassure you that it’s business as usual and that our leasing providers are still processing orders for all car lease deals on our website.

Since the outbreak has worsened, certain measures have been taken by our partners to ensure that the spread of the virus is prevented. This includes:

  • Making all contracts electronic – so there’s no risk of the virus being passed on from touching paperwork.
  • A no-contact service from order to delivery – no need to visit a showroom, you can configure and order your car from the comfort of your home!

For those of you who are expecting a delivery of a lease vehicle ordered before the outbreak, or are coming to the end of a contract, we advise that you get in touch with your chosen provider straight away.

Although some offices have temporarily closed following social distancing advice from the government, a member of their sales team will be available to help you with any query you may have.

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Our top tips for customers

It may be that you have already leased a vehicle through our platform, in which case we have a couple of tips for vehicle use and maintenance during the coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Despite advice to self-isolate, be sure to turn on your car every at least once every few days to avoid killing the battery.
  2. If you do decide to drive for necessary travel (e.g. shopping for supplies or you’re a ‘key worker’ who needs to commute to work) and carry passengers, ensure you use antibacterial wipes on touched surfaces, even if none of you are showing symptoms.
  3. Inform your leasing provider if you need to arrange vehicle collection but suspect that you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus.

If you have any more questions regarding leasing or Moneyshake at this time, be sure to email or ask our live chat for more information.