Click And Collect Car Orders Given Go-ahead For Dealerships

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Car dealerships won’t be able to open their showrooms until after 1 June, but you’ll still be able to order a new motor through a click and collect service.

The news comes as the government announced a relaxation of its guidelines on the closure of businesses and venues due to the coronavirus outbreak.

So what does a click and collect sale involve? Read on to find out how you can more easily get your hands on a new vehicle during lockdown.

Ordering a car through click and collect

Most click and collect orders for cars involves online payment and the vehicle will be sanitised (inside and out, including keys). You’ll then be able to pick it up from outside the dealership’s showroom without having to come within two metres of a member of staff.

This process adheres to the government’s current guidelines, which say: “Click and collect services can also operate, though customers must not enter the premises.”

It’s not clear exactly which dealerships will be offering this service, but it’s worthwhile checking the websites of independent and manufacturer dealers in your local area for updates.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the information you’re looking for online. Most car dealers are working remotely and are still taking calls too, so you can contact them and ask the question.

When will showrooms be open?

Not being able to properly test drive your car before placing an order is causing some drivers doubt over whether it’s worthwhile getting a car during the lockdown.

Unfortunately, car dealerships were left off the list of businesses which could remain open.

But despite not being classed as essential retailers, it’s likely that as of June 1 they will be able to open along with other shops as part of the steady phases to re-open the economy.

What is Moneyshake doing?

Our providers are working remotely to ensure that you can still order a new lease car and have it delivered to your home.

You won’t have to handle any paperwork, with e-contracts sent out to you instead.

For full details, check out our coronavirus update.