2/3 UK Drivers Expect Summer ‘Staycation’

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59% of UK drivers expect their summer holidays to be by car somewhere in the country, according to research by the RAC.

The study concerned more than 3,200 drivers who had either cancelled their holiday abroad, planned to, or had no plans at all due to the coronavirus outbreak restricting travel.

With no signs of airlines opening up international travel anytime soon, it seems that many Brits are resorting to their motors to ensure they still get a holiday.

52% of people cancel holidays over coronavirus fears

empty airport

According to the same research, more than half (52%) of those who have cancelled or plan to cancel their holidays abroad have done so because of ongoing fears surrounding the coronavirus.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office still advises against any travel which is non-essential, and most European countries require new arrivals to self-quarantine for 14 days. For many the thought of having to isolate while on holiday makes travelling not worthwhile, plus it demonstrates the level of uncertainty there is about returning to normality after three months of restrictions.

Are you planning on taking a staycation in your car this summer? Find out how to prepare your car for post-coronavirus travel.

13% of people holding out for a holiday via plane

There’s still no exact date for when airlines will start operating again, and when they do it’s likely that the majority of flights will be domestic. However, there’s still a proportion of people in the UK (13%) who are hopeful of getting a trip abroad in this summer.

After it was announced that most retail facilities will open from 4 July, major airlines have now indicated at plans for a return to air travel.

Here’s what the latest updates are for each airline.

  • EasyJet – Mostly domestic flights from Belfast, Liverpool and London Gatwick airports began from 15 June. The one exception is one international route to Nice in France from London Gatwick.
  • Jet2 – Flights and package holidays are resuming from 15 July, according to an announcement the airline made on 9 June.
  • Ryanair – Plans are to resume around 40% of its schedule as of July 1, with plans to focus on areas where self-quarantine isn’t required after this time, including Spain.
  • TUI – Flights are expected to resume as of 11 July to several European countries. These include Ibiza, Corfu, Palma, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Lanzarote and Tenerife.
  • Virgin Atlantic – The carrier announced it will resume operations from 20 July to multiple international airports. Initially this will include Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles. In August this will extend to include Barbados, San Fransisco, Miami, Tel Aviv, Atlanta and Lagos.

7% of people want to travel by ferry

road trip

A nice compromise between a staycation and jumping on a plane is to take your car across the Channel.

If you’re one of the 7% of drivers planning on shipping the car and family over for a holiday, be sure to check out our list of essential items to carry in your car before you go.

Brittany Ferries and other sailing companies announced that it’s too soon for foot passengers and cyclists to be allowed onboard, however car travel is still being given the green light.

Road trip tips

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It’s expected that there will be a surge in traffic over the summer as more people holiday here in the UK.

Before you undertake a road trip, be sure to familiarise yourself with our top tips to keep you and your passengers safe.

  1. Carry out essential maintenance on your car – check tyre pressures/condition, engine oil, fuel level and lights.
  2. Plan your route – for example, here’s our guide to driving the North Coast 500 in Scotland.
  3. Take regular breaks – it’s important to have a break every hour of driving, especially if your journey is more than two hours long. This way you can avoid the risk of getting tired behind the wheel.
  4. Consider breakdown cover – for crucial security along the way when you’re travelling to and from your holiday destination.
  5. Pack safely and efficiently – i.e. no large items should block your blindspots either side of the car or rearview. Try distributing the weight across the car to reduce fuel consumption. For example, heavier items should go in the centre of the car, bigger items towards the back and light things in a roof box (or back seats if you have the space).

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