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The Moneyshake Tree Planting Pledge

Author: Cameron | Updated: 16th December 2022

At Moneyshake, we’re a team of environmentally conscious individuals that want to do our bit for the planet.

With us being in the car business, we wanted to do something about reducing the environmental impact of motoring.

In the past six months we’ve increased the number of electric cars leased to customers by more than 50%, but we want to do more. So, for every electric car leased through us in September, we’ll invest in tree planting projects across the world in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.


We plant trees with Ecologi


How will the tree planting work?

Eden reforestation projects

We’ve partnered with Ecologi, a climate action company that supports businesses with their carbon offsetting projects by funding tree planting and protection of rainforests across the globe, just to name a few examples of their great work.

For every electric car leased throughout September, we’ll be able to show you the number of trees planted and how much carbon output has been reduced as a result, so you can see the positive impact you’re having.

If you’d like more information on how Ecologi works, they have a fantastic FAQs page that answers all questions regarding the business, trees, and carbon offsetting.


How do I start making an impact?


You can start right now!

If you need a new car and are considering switching to an electric car, then why not choose us?


✔ As a leasing comparison site we’ll find you the best deal on the market from one of the UK’s top leasing providers.

✔ We’ll invest in a tree planting project off the back of your electric car lease that will play a huge part in reducing our carbon footprint.


Compare electric car lease deals


Be in with a chance to win a free home charger for your new electric car


Alongside our tree planting pledge, throughout September we will be running an electric car home charger giveaway, where one lucky customer who leases an electric car through Moneyshake will be in the draw to win a FREE HOME CHARGER worth up to £1,000.

Find out how to enter using the link above.