Need Help Finding A New Car? Find Your Perfect Vehicle With Moneyshake’s Leasing Wizard

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Do you need help finding a new car? Fear not! Moneyshake’s leasing wizard will match you with your perfect model in minutes.

Ready to be shown deals on models that matter to you? Find your new car now

Whether you have a model in mind or not, it doesn’t matter. See below or step-by-step guide to using the Moneyshake leasing wizard to help find your perfect new car.

1. Choose a model or let the wizard show you cars matching your needs

When you know what you’re looking for – choosing a manufacturer and model

If you know what manufacturer and model of car you’re looking for, simply choose your preferred brand from our list of 42 manufacturers. Clicking the ‘Model’ tab will show you which models from your chosen manufacturer there are currently lease deals for.

See below how you can use the leasing wizard when you have a model in mind to easily find the latest deals.

  1. Select the ‘Make’ drop-down menu and choose your preferred manufacturer from our list of brands.
Help finding a new car

2. Using the Model drop-down feature next to it, find the specific type of car that you want to lease and click ‘Show me the deals’.

Help finding a new car - model select

3. You can now compare prices on your desired car from the UK’s top leasing providers, all specially-selected and FCA-accredited.

Help finding a new car - model select

If you don’t know what you’re looking for and need help from the leasing wizard

Here’s where the (ahem) magic really happens. If you’re not sure about which car you need, click ‘No’ when asked whether you have a car in mind.

At this point, you’ll be given a few simple options to select in order to filter lease deals for cars that fit your needs.

If you just want great prices on popular models, see our latest Hot deals

3 tips to help finding a new car using the Moneyshake leasing wizard

So that you’re able to get the best results from the Moneyshake leasing wizard, we’ve put together three top tips so that you can find your new car more easily.

1. Set a price range that fits your monthly budget and choice of car body type

It’s important that you can afford to pay the monthly lease rentals for your new car, for two reasons:

  1. Your monthly payments for the car will come out of your chosen bank account on a set date to the finance provider. Make sure that you factor in your other monthly outgoings when calculating your budget for a car. This way you won’t risk any late payments that would incur costly charges and negatively affect your credit score.
  2. The minimum and maximum monthly budget you choose for your car works directly with the vehicle body type you select in order to show you the latest lease deals. For example, if you select a diesel sports car then your monthly budget will need to be higher than if you were to specify a petrol hatchback, due to the latter being much more affordable.

2. Explore the various filters to land on a car that you want

Budget isn’t the determining factor to finding your perfect new car through the Moneyshake leasing wizard.

You can select a variety of different filters before clicking ‘Show me my deals!’ that will ensure you get a good choice of vehicles. This is key to finding the right car, especially if you don’t have a certain manufacturer or model in mind from the get-go.

A number of filters can be chosen to help you discover your ideal car. These include:

  • Body type (e.g. SUVs, hatchbacks, saloons, coupes, estates, sports cars etc.)
  • Manufacturer – if you do have a make in mind (or several makes) you can choose as many as you want to compare deals for. This can be useful if there are any brands that you know you don’t want to appear in your search.
  • Fuel type – includes petrol, diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and liquified petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Gearbox – automatic and manual are available to choose from.

3. Scroll to view all lease deals

Once you click the final button to view lease deals based on your search filters, not all of your deals will appear straight away.

To see all the available models fitting your requirements, remember to scroll downwards to load all lease deals.

Take a look at our short leasing wizard demo below to discover how not to miss out on your ideal car.

Now that you know how to use our helpful leasing wizard, why not get started? Start your search

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