Moneyshake Celebrates Two Years Of Helping Drivers Find The Best Deal On Their New Car

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It’s officially been two years since we launched our car leasing comparison website. Fast forward to today – we’ve more than trebled our team of car finance experts, while at the same time expanding our product and service offering to continue our mission of providing you with the best deals and the best information.


That’s a very high-level overview of what’s changed at Moneyshake in the past two years, but there’s much more to update you on! Read on to see how we’ve evolved since the beginning to ensure we carry on innovating car buying to ensure you save time and money.


Expanding our excellent team

Customer service executive working at office

Having the right people has always been an integral part of what makes Moneyshake tick. These past two years we’ve recruited a team of people committed to simplifying the complexities of car finance for you, our customers.

A key addition was building a friendly, experienced customer service team that are on hand to guide you through the finance process (should you need) from enquiry through to order. Whether you have a question about finances, need help finding the right car for you, or you’re completely new to car finance and need walking through the finer details, they’ll make sure you’re happy before committing to any agreement.

Behind the scenes in the not-so-customer-facing positions, we’ve brought in more people that work closely with our car finance providers to ensure you get special offer deals on the latest and greatest new cars.


Offering after care products

Two-year anniversary - how Moneyshake has changed

Here at Moneyshake we don’t just want you to lease or finance your new car, only to then quickly forget about you. We want to make sure that life with your new car is as simple and hassle-free as the process of getting it in the first place.

That’s why since launch we’ve partnered with a number of specialist providers to offer an ‘all-in-one’ platform which enables you to sell your existing car (if you have one), lease a new model and then protect it with GAP insurance.


Creating industry-leading content to help you make the best decisions


Unlike most aggregators, we value being more than just a ‘middle man’ that simply introduces you to a provider with the best deal on the market. In the past two years we’ve developed a healthy bank of car leasing and finance guide content and FAQs to help you with any queries before, during or at the end of your agreement.

If you wish, we’ll even keep in contact with handy information to help you get the best out of your finance car, such as when and how to change your car, information about electric cars and tips for returning your lease or finance car.

Our content goes beyond just guides about our products and services too. Stuck trying to decide on a car? We’ve got plenty of articles on our blog comparing the most popular models, so you can easily decide which vehicle to choose next.


‘The Car Concierge’


Despite being a digital business that’s constantly looking at automating online transactions, we recognise that many people still prefer some point of human contact before making a big transaction such as buying a car.

For this reason, we developed the idea of having a ‘Car Concierge’ – due to launch this month – which will help you find the best deal on a car which fits their exact specification. Whether you’re interested in a particular colour, engine size or equipment option, tell us all about your perfect car and we’ll send you deals over email, WhatsApp or by giving you a call.

If you want help getting through the process of finding a new car that’s a perfect fit, keep an eye out for our Car Concierge service!


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