Is It Time for You to Switch to an Electric Car? Find Out With Our Electric Vs Petrol Calculator!

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The price of petrol saw a record monthly price rise in the UK last month, with motorists warned to expect further increases on the already sky-high fuel prices. Electric cars are typically more expensive to buy than petrol models, but with the cost of petrol continuing to rise, an electric car may now be cheaper to run. help our customers decide on what ‘fuel’ type offers the most value when choosing a new car, we have created a new online electric vs petrol car calculator which works out whether switching to an electric car today would save you money.

All you have to do is choose the type of car you’re interested in, or just search for the cheapest deal and then enter the number of miles you drive each month. The handy tool uses live fuel price data and current electric car costs to show you the lowest monthly costs. You’ll be able to compare the amount saved on fuel versus the extra lease cost of a new electric car to see a net saving.

Electric car charging

Since fuel prices rocketed in March 2022, Moneyshake reported seeing a 2,700% increase in users visiting the website for an electric car when compared with the same period in 2021.


Talking about the electric vs petrol car calculator, Eben Lovatt, CEO at Moneyshake commented: 


“The increase in fuel prices and the government’s recent decision to scrap the £1,500 plug-in grant towards purchasing a new electric car has left many people in a position where they’re weighing up the switch to an electric car.

“We developed this calculator as previously there has been no easy way for drivers to see whether buying an electric car was more affordable than running a traditional petrol or diesel engine car.

“Cars are generally the second biggest outgoing behind a mortgage, so hopefully this tool can help people make savvier decisions when searching for a new car.”


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