Coronavirus Second Lockdown: Can I Still Lease A Car?

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The government announced a coronavirus second lockdown on Saturday, to take effect at 12:01am tomorrow (Thursday 5 November) and is meant to last until 2 December 2020.

It means that non-essential businesses (including car dealership showrooms) will have to close. However, Moneyshake’s providers remain open for online orders of new cars, and dealerships are still able to deliver your new vehicle to you.

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Will the coronavirus second lockdown impact delivery time of my car?

coronavirus second lockdown - car delivery

Even though you can still order a lease car, the uncertainty that lockdown brings may have you wondering whether it will be delivered on time.

The good news is that our providers are working as hard as possible with dealers to honour the lead times of all new orders of lease cars. Just like the last lockdown back in March this year, all dealership staff delivering vehicles will maintain social distancing and touch points of the car will be thoroughly wiped down to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

If you need your new car as soon as possible, we recommend looking for deals labelled as ‘In Stock’. This will be clearly marked underneath the ‘Enquire Now’ button in our price comparison table.

Our in stock vehicles will be delivered within 2-3 weeks, whereas ‘Factory Orders’ need to be built by the manufacturer and shipped over (if they’re built overseas). As a result, lead time will often take up to 3-4 months, potentially longer.

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Is it safe to order a lease car?

coronavirus second lockdown - car delivery

As we mentioned earlier, you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with others outside your bubble when taking delivery of your new car.

Here are 5 simple steps to safely ordering your new car through Moneyshake:

  1. Find your perfect car using our deal finder – it will help you find you the right model at the right price, whether you have a vehicle in mind or not.
  2. Once you’ve found a car you like, click ‘Compare deals from Providers’ to find the best price. Select your preferred initial rental, contract length and annual mileage at this point to get accurate prices.
  3. Click ‘Enquire Now’ on a deal which fits your budget and usage terms – one of our helpful providers will then be in touch at a time that suits you.
  4. A confirmation of your lease quote will be sent to you, and our provider will speak to you to make sure you’re happy and finalise payment details and run a quick credit check.
  5. Your delivery date/time will be confirmed and the dealership will contact you in advance to talk you through how the car will be handed over to you safely.

I’m already leasing a car. What happens if I can no longer pay?

coronavirus second lockdown - speaking to leasing funder

Coronavirus lockdown measures will result in the closure of many businesses in a variety of sectors that had just started getting going since July, when most businesses were able to re-open again.

Another lockdown is bound to cause more job losses and reduced pay for those people who are placed on the furlough scheme. If you’re put in a position whereby you can no longer afford your monthly lease payments, our advice and guidance from the Finance and Leasing Association is that you speak to your finance provider as soon as possible.

Contact details of your finance provider will be on your leasing finance agreement.

Your finance provider will be able to help you make the best decision based on your circumstances, so it’s important that you keep an eye on your finances and speak to them before you get behind on any car payments.

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