April 19th Car Leasing
Which UK Cities Lease The Most Cars?

Ever wondered which UK cities lease the most cars? Moneyshake reveals the latest data ranking the top five cities by the number of cars people from these areas have enquired on.

April 14th Car Leasing
UK Cities As Cars – Which Car Best Describes Your City?

Ever wondered what popular UK cities would look like if they were a car? In our latest blog we’ve compiled a list of six models we believe bear an uncanny resemblance to renowned areas in the UK.

March 12th Car Leasing
6 Tips For Selling Your Car

Are you looking to sell your car and need help on how to do it? Check out our 6 tips for selling your car.

March 10th Car Leasing
Comic Relief 2021: The Best Car Jokes

Need a little pick-me-up this Red Nose Day? Giggle your way through our favourite car jokes and use them to impress your friends and family.