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May 18th Car Leasing
Dyson’s Cancelled Electric Car Revealed

It was back in October 2019 when renowned British inventor James Dyson confirmed that we wouldn’t get to see its Tesla-beating electric car.

May 21st Car Leasing
What Are The Eyesight Requirements For Driving?

Statistics from 2017 suggest that the vast majority of all Britons wear glasses, but what are the DVLA eyesight requirements for driving? How are they tested? And what common eyesight conditions do you need to look out for?

May 18th Car Leasing
Top 8 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

A vehicle’s Miles Per Gallon (MPG) stat (how far a car travels on a gallon of fuel) is something many drivers place high importance on when considering which car to buy. However, until recently this figure was calculated in lab tests, which doesn’t accurately represent real-world driving.

May 14th Car Leasing
Are Adblue Diesels Clean?

Modern diesel cars tend to use Adblue (a mix of deionized water and the chemical compound urea) to reduce nitrous oxide emissions produced by the engine. When used, the non-toxic fluid helps make diesel-fuelled vehicles cleaner than they otherwise would be.