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October 30th Car Leasing
Moneyshake Car Logos Quiz: How Motor Mad Are You?

Take the Moneyshake Car Logos Quiz to find out just how crazy about cars you really are. Good luck!

October 28th Car Leasing
Halloween: 4 Killer Cars From The Movies

Halloween is fast-approaching and here at Moneyshake we want you to stay safe on the roads. So, we’ve uncovered the worst killer cars from the movies to look out for.

October 23rd Car Leasing
Top 7 Facts About The Hummer Electric Supertruck

We look at the top 7 facts about Hummer’s shock return – with an EV!

October 13th Car Leasing
The 5 Best Cars With Pop-Up Headlights

Pop-up headlights on cars are still legal, but we just don’t see them anymore. To reminisce, we list the 10 best cars with hidden headlamps.