Fun Car Facts

August 23rd Car Leasing
Back To The Future: What Were Electric Cars Like Pre-2000s?

Ever wondered what electric cars were like before the 21st century? Find out in this blog as we take you ‘back to the future’!

June 14th Car Leasing
National Beer Day: What Cars Would Popular Beers Be?

To celebrate National Beer Day, we’ve transformed some of the UK’s most popular beers into their car equivalents.

February 22nd Car Leasing
What Your Car Colour Says About You, According To Colour Psychology

Ever wondered what your car’s colour says about you? Well, now you can find out. We spoke to colour psychologists about what car colour choices mean.

January 26th Car Leasing
If Star Signs Were Cars, What Would They Be?

The signs of the Zodiac may be disregarded as mere pseudoscience that have no scientific validity whatsoever. However, we’d argue that astrology is scarily accurate when it comes to anthropomorphising cars.