Saloon Reviews

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6th September Saloon Reviews
What Is A Saloon Car?

Ever wondered what makes a saloon car? We explain what a saloon car is, whether you should consider one, and which models are the best.

23rd April Saloon Reviews
Best Executive Cars In 2023

Executive cars come are great options for professionals and car enthusiasts alike, but which are the best? We show you the 10 best executive cars in 2023.

4th August Saloon Reviews
Audi A4 Vs Audi A5: Moneyshake Compares

The Audi A4 and A5 are two fantastic premium models. But which one should you choose? We compare them to help you decide.

22nd May Saloon Reviews
Audi A5 Review

At a time where there seems to be an endless supply of sporty coupes, why should you consider the Audi A5? After all, isn’t the similarly-styled A4 essentially the same model, but cheaper?

1st May Saloon Reviews
2021 BMW 2 Series Review

BMW has created the epitome of sport and comfort with their new 2 Series range.

24th April Saloon Reviews
Mercedes C-Class Review

Mercedes has injected both power and tech into its fourth generation of C-Class. Although not much has changed on the outside, there can be no doubting a vast improvement by the manufacturing giant overall.

17th April Saloon Reviews
BMW 5 Series Review

The new BMW 5 Series is the ‘sweet spot’ between the massive 7 Series and the smaller 3 Series. It pulls together class, comfort and performance to deliver a great driver and passenger experience.

10th April Saloon Reviews
Audi A6 Review

The Audi A6 has stood the test of time. Ageing like a fine wine in the auto market. It’s hard to believe that the latest range has been around for nearly a decade. And there’s still much to love about this sporty executive saloon.

3rd April Saloon Reviews
BMW 3 Series Review

There can be no denying that the BMW 3 Series is the German manufacturer’s best-selling model – accounting for over 30% of their sales volume. But what’s the appeal?

20th March Saloon Reviews
Audi A4 Review

Not much has changed in the past 12 years with regards to the Audi A4 exterior. However, last year saw a massive restyling of the exterior, and in came new LED lights, smarter front and back bumpers and even a revamped grille which allows for greater air intake.