Saloon Reviews

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6th September Saloon Reviews
What Is A Saloon Car?

Ever wondered what makes a saloon car? We explain what a saloon car is, whether you should consider one, and which models are the best.

23rd April Saloon Reviews
Best Executive Cars In 2023

Executive cars come are great options for professionals and car enthusiasts alike, but which are the best? We show you the 10 best executive cars in 2023.

4th August Saloon Reviews
Audi A4 Vs Audi A5: Moneyshake Compares

The Audi A4 and A5 are two fantastic premium models. But which one should you choose? We compare them to help you decide.

22nd May Saloon Reviews
Audi A5 Review

At a time where there seems to be an endless supply of sporty coupes, why should you consider the Audi A5? After all, isn’t the similarly-styled A4 essentially the same model, but cheaper?