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6th September Hatchback Reviews
Polo or Fiesta – which fun hatchback should you choose?

We compare two of the top superminis – the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta – to show you which small family car you should choose next.

2nd September Hatchback Reviews
Golf vs Polo – which VW hatchback Is Best?

Can’t decide between the Volkswagen Golf or Polo? We compare Volkswagen’s latest versions of its best-selling hatchbacks to help you decide.

1st September Hatchback Reviews
Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus

It’s a hatchback face-off between two of the best: the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus. Find out which one is best out of the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus here.

26th August Hatchback Reviews
BMW 1 Series Vs Audi A3: Moneyshake Compares

The BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 are top of the hatchback class, but which is best? Moneyshake compares these two premium small cars to help you find out which is best.

25th August Hatchback Reviews
Which Ford Focus Is The Best?

The Ford Focus is a multi-award winning family car available in a mind-boggling array of trims. Read our blog to find out which Ford Focus model is best for you.

23rd April Hatchback Reviews
The Best City Cars 2023

City cars are dinky and lovable, but with so many options available,, how do you choose? Moneyshake shows you the best city cars to buy in 2023.

5th August Hatchback Reviews
Audi A3 Vs Volkwsagen Golf: Moneyshake Compares

We compare the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf to help you decide on what the best premium hatchback is.

27th July Hatchback Reviews
2021 BMW 1 Series Review

The latest BMW 1 Series is a fantastic premium family car – but is it the best? Read our full review of the 2021 BMW 1 Series to find out more.

25th May Hatchback Reviews
Vauxhall Corsa Vs Ford Fiesta Vs Peugeot 208: Moneyshake Compares

Superminis are favourites among UK drivers, so in our latest blog we compare three pearlers – the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208.

14th April Hatchback Reviews
Toyota Aygo 2021 Review

The Toyota Aygo is one of few city cars that has kept a fuel-efficient petrol engine range. With fun styling, a well-equipped interior and surprising practicality, we review the latest range.