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October 23rd Car Leasing
Top 7 Facts About The Hummer Electric Supertruck

We look at the top 7 facts about Hummer’s shock return – with an EV!

October 19th Car Leasing
Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4 Squared Review

Looking for an off-road electric car that’s graceful and rugged? Check out our review of the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4 Squared.

October 5th Car Leasing
Mazda MX-30: Brand’s First Electric Car Revealed

The Mazda MX-30 is the brand’s first ever production electric car. Read our article to find out how it competes with others in terms of price and specs.

October 3rd Car Leasing
Polestar 2 Vs Tesla Model 3: Best Luxury EVs Compared

The biggest EV battle of 2020 is here! See how the Polestar 2 stacks up against the Tesla Model 3 when it comes to performance, specs and pricing.