Top 7 Facts About The Hummer Electric Supertruck

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Hummer Electric Supertruck

Remember off-road truck specialist GMC Hummer? The US firm, owned by General Motors (GM), ran riot in the States during the ’90s and early 2000s after a certain worldwide famous Austrian-born actor and retired weightlifter, former state governor and you-name-it-he’s-been-it successfully petitioned to have an army vehicle made into a civvy-friendly production model.

Out of this crazy scenario came the H1, H2 and H3 models that gave a whole new meaning to off-roading – high approach/departure angles, solid body builds and massive all-terrain, all-weather tyres were key features to get over almost anything. However, dwindling demand, high fuel consumption and a failed buyout from Chinese road equipment firm Sichuan Tengzhong meant an inevitable collapse in 2010.

A recent announcement from GM revealed a revival of the brand for 2021, but this time things are going to be much different. Instead of a massive V8 engine under the hood, the ‘Hummer Electric Supertruck’ will be solely battery powered. Don’t worry, it’s far from being underpowered and has even more sophisticated off-road technology that is bound to thrill the most ardent all-terrain drivers.

Want to find out exactly what this Hummer EV can do? Read on to find out the top 7 facts we’ve learned about the Hummer Electric Supertruck.

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1. It has the potential to produce 1,000bhp and 11,500lb-ft of torque

Hummer has revealed it will produce four versions of the Electric Supertruck, with a flagship ‘EV Edition 1’ trim the one producing these impressive stats above.

A vehicle of this size (2,202mm W x 5,507mm L) is bound to have a near-three-tonne kerb weight – perhaps more when you consider it’s powered by three electric motors (two on the rear, one on the front) and is expected to have a whopping battery pack powering these. So, this level of torque and matching power is bound to be necessary to shove it up almost any surface you can throw at it.

2. Estimated range of 350+ miles

Hummer Electric Supertruck 4

Until the Hummer Supertruck is tried and tested for its all-electric range by the WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure), we should take these figures with a pinch of salt. Anyone familiar with the marketing of EVs will know that most manufacturers like to inflate the estimated range of their pride and joys by any means possible, mostly to grab headlines – or at least a subheading like the one above…

Again, the trim level in question is the top-spec Edition 1. However, reservations are currently full for this version of the car. In better news, you’ll still find that there’s lofty range figures quoted for the other variations of the Supertruck – all three of which you can check out below.

  1. Hummer EV² – 250+ mile estimated range
  2. Hummer EV²ˣ – 300+ mile estimated range
  3. Hummer EV³ˣ – 300+ mile estimated range

3. New ‘Ultium’ batteries to debut in the Supertruck

When GM revealed its work on a new Ultium battery there was lots of talk about how it could potentially be a Tesla-beater – a title which most manufacturers dipping their toes into the EV making business are trying to achieve, though it’s easier said than done.

For starters, Hummer has revealed this unit has the same capacity as its rival Cybertruck (200kWh). Such a big battery is needed in order to facilitate charging this behemoth electric truck at 800V DC fast chargers up to 350kW (available on higher-end Edition 1 and EV³ˣ trims. According to the big car manufacturer, this should be good enough to add around 100 miles of additional range to the car in just 10 minutes, which could well worry the upcoming Roadster’s bid to break the World Guinness World Record with its rumoured 55-minute full charge to 600 miles.

4. ‘Crabwalk’ diagonal drive available

Diagonal things are a theme inside the Hummer EV, not least because there’s a 13.4” infotainment display and 12.3” driver information display positioned – just like it is in the Model 3.

What’s more incredible than this is how the quiet truck won’t just move forwards and backwards, but also diagonally in what the manufacturer describes as a “crabwalk”.

A video simulation on the manufacturer’s page shows this function working by turning all the wheels (using the four-wheel steering function) outwards by 10 degrees before moving to avoid a large boulder. It looks surreal, like the car is floating across the surface, and shows how future car manufacturing is continuing to defy the laws of physics.

According to Hummer, the crabwalk can only be done at slow speeds and the feature is only available on the Edition 1, EV³ˣ and EV²ˣ variations.

No doubt it’ll be a useful function for manoeuvres such as pulling into lay-bys in front of the car when you spot an oncoming vehicle on a tight country road.

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5. It’s an off-road monster

Hummer Electric Supertruck 3

Since the Hummer brand came about partly because of a petition from Arnold Schwarzenegger to make a civilian version of an army truck in the ‘90s. Why would Arnie do this? Well, if you were to remind yourself of any of his endless action-packed, adrenaline junkie ‘80s action films then you’d have your answer. He’s no stranger to a dramatic entrance via a no-nonsense mode of transport – whether that be on the ground via a tank or in the sky in a chopper.

This leads us to the latest Hummer. It may have turned green on us and doesn’t have the same 5.8-litre V8 petrol-guzzling engine under the hood as its H2 relative, but this by no means makes it any less of an off-road monster.

As standard, there are a bunch of rugged features that allow it to tackle serious terrains that will remind you of the dinkier ‘get-your-hands-dirty’ Jeep Wrangler. These include:

  • ‘Extract Mode’ – the car features an Adaptive Air Ride Suspension can raise by six inches at the push of a button to overcome challenging rocks or for fording bodies of water.
  • Full underbody armour – a combination of sturdy steel plates and shields sit underneath the Hummer EV to protect the bottom from potential scratching and damage (standard on Edition 1 trim, but available on EV²ˣ and EV³ˣ variations).
  • Four-wheel steering – increased manoeuvrability and agility on difficult surfaces and even when you’re on the road is offered through this feature, standard on Edition 1, EV²ˣ and EV³ˣ variations.
  • Dynamic suspension – almost the opposite of Extract Mode, the dynamic suspension allows you to lower ride height by two inches for improved aerodynamic performance that can help reduce battery consumption (standard on Edition 1, EV²ˣ and EV³ˣ variations).
  • 35” wheels – Goodyear’s all-terrain, all-weather Wrangler tyres are huge and contribute to the car’s magnificent ground clearance while being able to perform on and off-road. Larger 37” tyres can fit on the Hummer EV if greater traction is needed,

6. 18 onboard cameras, including underbody ones

Hummer Electric Supertruck 2

One cool feature you get as standard if you opt for the range-topping Edition 1 trim of the Hummer EV is ‘UltraVision’ – a system of 18 waterproof cameras offering different real-time views around your truck. Underbody cameras are the standout ones here, with a forward-facing and rear-facing position that allows you to pick a good line while travelling up a trail. Because they’re placed low-down, they see beyond the skid plates of the vehicle so you have a full vision of what’s ahead.

7. Double up your off-road truck as a convertible

Hummer Electric Supertruck 1

Like the sound of being one with nature that bit more on your off-road adventure? Hummer has included an ‘Infinity Roof’ on top-spec Edition 1 versions of the EV, with a modular design that allows you to remove four roof panels (known as ‘Sky Panels’) to open the car up and make star-gazing on a clear summer’s night a piece of cake.

Under-the-bonnet storage via a quirky ‘frunk’ is designed to conveniently hold these panels so that you’re not using up valuable boot space.

When the panels are in place, their tinted design protects you and your passengers from UV rays and other elements. At the same time, their large, open structure allows plenty of light to come into the cabin so that the ambience inside is made more airy.

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