The Volkswagen ID. Concept: Uncovered

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VW ID. Concept family

Volkswagen turned some heads when they released an advert which showed a fleet of four – what can only be described as ‘robocars’. The all-electric line-up consists of a campervan, hatchback, SUV crossover and sports car rolling along in unison. Has this new EV family got something that tickles your fancy?

ID. 3

Volkswagen ID 3

The ID. 3 is going to be the first of Volkswagen’s all-electric range to roll off the production line – the full-scale operation of which will start at the end of this year. The German manufacturer is hopeful that the futuristic hatch will be delivered around mid-2020.

From the outside, the car has a clean, pod-like look which is emphasised by the vast glass panel which spans the entire width of the roof and sleek front and rear lights that are integrated into the body of the car.

If we were to compare it to anything the manufacturer currently produces, it would be the ever-popular Polo.

ID. 3 Top Five Features

  1. ID. Light – uses light and flashing direction indicators to recommend when to change lanes and even warns you about lane departure by nudging you to correct your course. When you leave the car, it says goodbye with a smart light signal.

  2. Optional AR (Augmented Reality) Head-Up display which sends information straight to your windscreen and your field of vision. This includes where to turn, which lane to take etc.

  3. Voice assistant for radio, an optional satnav or your phone. Volkswagen say this is activated by just saying ‘Hello, ID’.

  4. The mid-range 58kWh is claimed to be able to recharge a range of up to 260 miles in just 30 minutes – when the car is in quick charge mode.

  5. The 77kWh biggest battery is said to be able to travel up to 340 miles on a full charge.

Volkswagen haven’t released a price for its ID. 3 in the UK, but it is expected to retail at around £30,000.

ID. Crozz

Volkswagen ID Crozz

The name is questionable, but almost makes sense – given that the car is a crossover.

The ID. Crozz gives off the impression of being a jacked-up version of Volkswagen’s existing Touareg. However, a promotional video for the car explores in greater depth some key design features which make the interior look as though it was modelled from your home’s lounge.

ID. Crozz Top Five Features

  1. Autonomous driving with retracting steering wheel. This can be controlled using one touch or voice command.

  2. Dynamic all-wheel drive combining with a powerful lithium-ion battery which gives the capacity to take the car on all terrains.

  3. The car will soon have the capacity to do 500km (310 miles) on a single charge.

  4. Unique design where B-pillars have been removed in order to make it easier to get in and out of the car.

  5. ‘Welcome’ 360° lighting each time it’s opened which starts from the front badge and runs through to the back of the car.

Like the ID. 3, there’s not been an indication from Volkswagen about a price for the car. But it’s expected to come in at around £40,000 if you want one brand new.

ID. Vizzion

VW ID Vizzion

Undoubtedly the most enhanced performer of the bunch. The ID. Vizzion contains a powerful lithium-ion battery which Volkswagen say can travel up to 665km (413 miles) on a single charge.

Visually, the car is stunning. If the Vizzion could be compared to one of Volkswagen’s current models, it would be the Arteon, which has already proven popular thanks to its sleek looks and economic engine range. Both vehicles share aerodynamic contours which not only looks good but gives them both the capacity to put out more than 200bhp.

Inside, the ID. Vizzion offers premium comfort – with a carpeted floor and four seats which wouldn’t look out of place in the first-class cabin of a Boeing 777.

ID. Vizzion Top Five Features

  1. A facial recognition system which opens the doors when it sees you.

  2. No steering wheel. Just virtual controls which are projected using AR. You’ll need a pair of “mixed reality glasses” to see them.

  3. 8,000 individually controlled LEDs within HD matrix headlights that project virtual zebra crossings on the road to let pedestrians know they can cross safely.

  4. ‘Open space’ concept inside created by removing the middle B-pillar and featuring opposite opening doors.

  5. Powerful lithium-ion battery said to have a range of 665km (413 miles).

ID. Buzz

Volkswagen ID Buzz

Bay windows are being replaced by intelligent LED ‘eyes’ as headlights. You old school roadies might be rolling your eyes at the thought of the ID. Buzz. However, its futuristic looks from the outside in still manage to retain the get-up-and-go freedom the original T1 bay window did so well.

The closest you’ll get to this concept camper today is the California, with a massive interior which can be your living space. All these vehicles are designed to allow you to cook, sleep and journey coast to coast.

But the ID. Buzz will respond in kind by pointing its eyes in the direction that you’re turning. Yes, we said it. Indicators in the form of eyes!

ID. Buzz Top Five Features

  1. A touchpad steering wheel which retracts to allow for autonomous driving. All functions can be controlled via this intuitive trackpad.

  2. An AR Head-Up display.

  3. Revolutionised flexible seating to create more space inside. Volkswagen say this can be achieved in “a few steps”.

  4. The campervan notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road and gives off subtle signals to let them know that you’re there.

  5. Augmented navigation using a head-up display which projects direction onto the road ahead.

Probably the most bizarre part of Volkswagen’s marketing of its futuristic camper is the way they refer to it in the third person. For example, one of the descriptions of the pedestrian recognition feature reads: “Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road. It can even look towards them and use subtle light signals to let them know you’re there.”

While these concept cars are a futuristic thought for the time being, stay tuned to Moneyshake’s blog for the latest news on the development.